USF at Kansas: Post Game Quotes

USF head coach Jim Leavitt's post game comments from the Bulls 13-7 loss to Kansas. The Bulls coach talks about his team's first loss, what the difference in the game was, and more. Also included are post game quotes from Bulls quarterback Matt Grothe. Only On!

South Florida Head Coach Jim Leavitt

On the call to go for it on fourth down in first quarter:
"It was early in the game. We had less than a yard to go. It wasn't a hard decision. I would have done it again. We knew if we didn't make it we would have good field position and we would give them a long field. It was an easy decision."

On what was the difference in the game:
"We made mistakes. We got a personal foul that really put us in poor field position. You can't fumble. I thought we were going to score on the last drive. We handled the clock very well. We came in here expecting to win and we didn't."

On quarterback Adam Barmann:
"It didn't affect anything that he started the game. He threw the ball pretty well. We knew we couldn't let Cornish get going and he had a couple of big runs. We knew they ran draws from last year's film. We knew if Cornish got out of the gate we'd be in trouble. But I really thought we held them in check."

On the officiating: 
"We got called on a pick and I will have to look at film. That was a huge play that put us up hill. For the most part I thought the official did a pretty good job."

On the Kansas defense:
"Their defense was about as good as I thought. We thought we could do a few things, but I give them credit for holding us to seven points."

On the final drive of the game:
"I thought we were going to score on the last drive. We came in here expecting to win and we didn't."

Quarterback Matt Grothe

On the overall game:
"We just got stopped. We didn't execute well tonight and it showed. We should have gone for it (fourth down on first drive of the game), but we didn't get it; that's the way it happens sometimes. We should have scored on the first drive and there were a lot of other drives we could have capitalized on. We had too many mistakes. It's alright, we'll learn from tonight and get better as a team."

On the interception the last play of the game:
"I was trying to find the open receiver. I threw it up there and they (Kansas) made a pick."

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