Bulls LB Pat St. Louis: Ready for Rutgers

The USF Bulls are getting ready for their first Big East conference game of the season vs Rutgers at Raymond James Stadium this Friday. See what the Bulls linebacker has to say about the upcoming game against Rutgers, on facing Ray Rice and Brian Leonard, and more in this exclusive interview. Only on USFNation.com!

Patrick St. Louis

Concerning Friday's game:
"I don't know what to expect. You can expect anything against Rutgers. I can see everything as correctable. As long as we go out there and play our fundamental football we will be all right. This is conference time. Everyone's goal should be to win a Big East championship and hopefully go farther then that. "

On Rutgers running backs Ray Rice and Brian Leonard:
"They have two great backs. I played against them last year and they were good then and they still are. We watch them on tape all the time. They do a lot of shifts and try to get you out of position. They are a good team. I won't down talk any team. This is good challenge for us and I like it."

Concerning facing a Rutgers team that is ranked 23rd:
"I don't really think about rankings. I don't look at any of that. I just go out and play. This is a conference game and hopefully we will deliver something. We just have to go out there and play our best."

On how similar does Rutgers look on film this year compared to last season? 
"I don't really think about last year. I just go out there and play because this is a new team and a new year so anything is possible."

Whether a short week makes a difference:
"You have to get your study time and film time in, but other then that it won't be a problem."

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