USF Player Spotlight: Thed Watson

The Bulls face Rutgers in their first Big East conference game of the season at Raymond James Stadium this Friday. Find out what Bulls offensive lineman Thed Watson has to say about getting back on the playing field, the importance of the Rutgers game, and much more in this exclusive interview. Only on!

Theodric Watson

How has season been going for you?
"Everything is going great. I am happy to be back out on the field after the injury. We have to just focusing on the positives instead of the negatives." 

How did it feel to watch the games while being unable to play?
"It hurt not being out on the field, but I have confidence in my teammates that they will go out and get the job done."

What was it like to play at Kansas?
"It was fun to get back out on the field, but it was very disappointing that we lost. It was pretty emotional because we had a chance to make history but it didn't happen."

Any final thoughts on Kansas
"I feel like they were a good team hands down, but we all know we beat ourselves. I just feel like if we come to play on any given night we can beat anybody. We just need to eliminate the penalties and all the small mistakes. The penalties really killed us. Penalties are just dumb thing that happen over the course of a game."

What are your thoughts about entering the Big East part of your schedule?
"Our coach always refers to the first part of our season as preseason. He says the regular season starts this week. We are more focused in practice trying to eliminate all of our mistakes and make everything right. I am even trying to focus on some things that I know I do wrong so I can get right because in the Big East it counts."

What does this game against Rutgers mean to you?
"It is about making a statement. We never get any respect from anybody. We beat Rutgers, I would say convincingly, last year and they never talk about our team. They have not played anybody. We know what our team can do and we just need to go out and execute."

How do you feel about Rutgers being ranked 23rd?
"Great! We love it because when we beat them, what can they say."

What is your opinion of being the only college game on Friday night?
"I love it. I feel like all eyes are going to be on us. I am just really looking forward to this game."

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