Gresham Changes Favorites

A few weeks ago we told you USF was going head-to-head against UCF in an effort to land LB Aaron Gresham, but things have changed and he dropped one of the two teams. Find out who it is and what his "new" plans are. Only on!

As you read here a few weeks ago, Aaron Gresham 6-foot-1 215 pound linebacker from Lafayette Florida, was considering both UCF and USF. He also said he planned to make a decision in mid to late October. Well, as with any high school student, plans change. With Gresham it was the lure of a National Championship.

"UCF isn't totally out, but the fact that they are not in a BCS conference makes me re-think some things."

He said there were other factors like playing baseball. UCF said no, while USF left the possibility open. He has visited both schools and feels he knows a lot about each and the chance to win a championship weighs heavy when adding up pro's and con's.

There is also a new team in the mix. A team the Bulls are more than familiar with, that team is Louisville.

"They offered a while ago, but recently I started thinking about what it would be like to move out of state and do things on my own." Adding, "I only started thinking about this in the last week or so."

The last time Gresham talked with USFNation he said a decision would be made in mid October. Does that still hold true?

"No, I'm going to take official visits to Louisville and South Florida after my season. I'm not going to set a date for a decision. I'll have to take a little more time now obviously."

Gresham said the Louisville visit will be in December, while the Bulls have locked in a visit for the ever popular, last week in January. Follow USFNation for the latest updates on linebacker Aaron Gresham.

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