Recruiting: Top 10 Prospects Off The Board

We're about mid-way through the recruiting season and there has been a ton of action so far. In order to get you caught up on all the latest commitments, USFNation compiled a list of players that have committed to other colleges. This may seem a little depressing, but check back on Thursday for another Top 10 of who's still available. Only on!

1.  Robert Marve (Plant Senior HS) 6-2/190/4.7:  It was thought that Marve was possibly the third best quarterback in the Tampa Bay area.  This season he has proved to be number one, but now he's the property of Alabama.  USF fought the battle and came in second.  Marve is the type of player to build a team around, now USF will have to look elsewhere.

2.  Jock Sanders (St. Petersburg Catholic School) 5-7/170/4.50:  USF lost out on a small back last year, his name was Brandon James.  Now he's one of the best punt returners in the nation.  Sanders was rumored to be a lock for the Bulls, that is until West Virginia swooped in.  Not only did they take him, but his teammate as well.

3.  Bert Reed (Bay Senior HS)  6-0/175/4.42:  He's listed as a QB, but will certainly change positions at the next level.  He's could be this year's Jarred Fayson, a quarterback who no colleges coaches look at as a QB, but the type of athlete every team dreams about.  He could probably play 4 or 5 different positions if needed.  As of a few weeks ago I was hearing USF was very much in the hunt.  Not anymore.

4.  Tim Lamb (Lincoln  HS) 5-11.5/305: The biggest need this offseason is defensive tackle and the top guy on the Bulls board was Tim Lamb.  USF wanted him so bad they even offered his brother who is considered not nearly the prospect Tim is.

5.  Will Furlong (Deland HS) 6-5/273/4.9:  Just when the Bulls thought he was flying under the radar the Big 3 got word of him and FSU came in for the steal.  He's big and has room to grow, but it looks like he'll be doing it in Tallahassee rather than Tampa.

6.  Andrew Harris (St. Petersburg Catholic School) 6-3/190:  The Bulls lost out on him the same day as his teammate Jock Sanders.  Both committed to conference foe West Virginia.

7.  Matt Simms (Don Bosco Prep School) 6-3/200:  Personally I thought his on-field play was overrated, but what he would have brought to the program (national exposure) would have been priceless. 

8.  Cameron Harris (Astronaut HS)  5-7/170/4.50:  He's putting up huge numbers this year and to let him get out of state hurts.  With so many good backs this year, it's been thought that USF would have a great chance at one, probably two quality backs in this class. 

9.  Paul Wilson (Lakeland Senior HS)  6-1/175:  He's not the top WR in the state, but landing anyone from a powerhouse like Lakeland is a major bonus for a team like USF.  The Bulls need a couple kids every year from that high school to create a "pipeline".

10.  Xavier Stinson (Chaminade Madonna College Prep) 5-9/214/4.60:  Stinson is a big back, similar to Andre Hall.  Only difference is USF could have had him for four years instead of two.  Another back gone, it's not time to get nervous, just shows how hard the state of Florida is being recruited these days.


Other Notables:  L.D. Crow  (Countryside HS) 6-3/210/4.80,  Kyle Hill (Boone HS) Orlando,   6-6/260/4.94,  Steven Wilks (Lakeland Senior HS) 6-2/195/4.70,  Art Evans  (Evangel Christian School)  6-1/175/4.48,  Justin Francis (Miramar HS)  6-4/245/4.80,  Curtis Bryant (South Miami Senior HS) 6-2/270/5.00,  Jamar Taylor (Lakeland Senior HS) 5-10/205/4.60

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