Q&A With Commit Patrick Richardson

USFNation talks at length with the Bulls newest commit Patrick Richardson. He talks about how the commitment went down, future visits, his strengths as a WR, his favorite route and much more. Only on USFNation.com Get it First, Get it Fast!!

Patrick Richardson 

USFNation.com:  Tell us about the news that you committed to South Florida.
Patrick Richardson:
  I committed this week.  I actually went down there this summer to their camp with some of my teammates, and the coaches kept in contact with me ever since.  They offered me a scholarship last week and I committed last night (Tuesday). 

USFN:  Have you been following USF this season?
  Oh yeah, I've seen a few games this season on TV.  I know that they have a few pretty good receivers leaving this year and I think it's time for me to step in and make some plays for the Bulls.

USFN:  Are you planning to take an official visit to USF?
  Not for a few months.  I think I'm scheduled to go to Tampa in January. 

USFN:  Are you taking any other visits?
  So far no, but South Carolina was trying to get me to go there in December.

USFN:  Well now that you're committed are you still thinking about taking that visit to SC?
  Possibly, just to go over there and see what its like.

USFN:  What are some of your strengths as a wide receiver? 
  My hands, when I catch I use my hands.  My speed, I think has really improved.  At South Florida (over the summer) I ran a 4.44, just trying to get better.  My route running is something we are really taught at my school.  We are taught to be discipline at everything we do.  My hands and my route running are my biggest strength, but my speed has been coming around too.

USFN:  Now that you committed, how has it changed your mindset?
  I don't think it changes anything on the field, but I think it takes some of the outside pressure off.  I don't have to worry about recruiters and all that.  On the field I'm a competitor and I can't go out there and not try my hardest.

USFN:  What type of coverage do you like to see when you get to the line?
  I like when guys try to press me.  That's my favorite coverage.  I go up there and my eyes get big when I see them come up.  A lot of teams think they can come up and try to stop me off the ball, but I'm better when they do that.  It makes my job a whole lot easier. 

USFN:  What is your favorite route to run?
  I probably like the hitch route the best.  We run a hitch where you push up about 6 or 7 yards and come back 2 to get the ball.  We face a lot of cover 3 where the corners play off the ball and that route is perfect to catch the ball and make a move.

USFN:  How are you doing personally this season?
  I'm playing pretty well this year.  Last year we had a great QB in Courtney Alexander.  This year we've been switching quarterbacks and it's been hard to get that consistency.  Right now we're on our third QB and he's a true freshman.  It's hard for the coaches too.  I've been getting double covered, they try to get me the ball, but sometimes the situation isn't right. 


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