Grimes: "USF is now my number one"

In a crazy turn of events, Micah Grimes from Fort Meade High School is now listing USF as his leader. Find out what happen and where Grimes will go from here. Only on

South Florida has been interested in Micah Grimes for months now. However, after Grimes took a visit to NC State about a month ago, it looked like he was ready to pack his bags and head to the Carolina's. That is until the story takes a strange twist.

"I had a great visit to NC State." Says Grimes, "I liked them a lot and I thought we were on the same page."

What Grimes is referring to is the interest level NC State had in him. You see, Grimes thought he had committed to the Wolfpack until his coach heard that they weren't ready to accept his commitment.

"It was kinda weird and I'm not really happy about it. I don't want to bad mouth the school because I understand it's a business, but maybe it all happen for a reason."

A month ago Grimes told USFNation that NC State was his leader followed closely by USF. Where do the Bulls now stand with the 6-foot-4 offensive lineman?

"USF is my number one right now. I'm thinking that all this happen because it was meant to show me something. I have always been interested in USF and after following them through the season I think they're program is in a better position than NC State right now. I know they just had that slip-up against Cinci, but I think they are a program on the rise."

Grimes says he has battled through injury this year and is coming off the best game of his career. He recently had his 41 consecutive start streak broken, and had a feeling he was going to put together a memorable performance in his first game back.

"If any coaches saw that tape they would know I'm completely back from my injury."

Now that he's healthy, Grimes is ready to focus on the playoffs and hold off on making any decisions.

"I think it was just the pressure getting to me and kinda pushing me to make a decision."

As for USF, Grimes says he has also noticed what they have been doing in recruiting.

"I was really surprised when I saw Alton (Voss) commit. I know he was looking at a bunch of schools and he must have seen something special at USF. I have been thinking that he would be a really fun teammate to block for."

Right now things are looking very good for the Bulls, landing Grimes would be a huge addition to an already solid class. A pickup like Voss and Grimes can only add to the lure of more top recruits coming to USF.

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