USFNation Q & A: Bulls QB Matt Grothe

It's Homecoming week, and USF quarterback Matt Grothe is getting ready for a big conference game against Pitt this Saturday. See what the Bulls freshmen quarterback has to say about the teams loss at Cincinnati, the bye week, and the upcoming game aginst Pitt. Only on! Did the offense have an off night at Cincinnati?
Matt Grothe: Yeah I don't have a reason, their defense played really well, they did everything that they needed to do to stop us, and it showed"

USFN: Did their defense cause you to not throw downfield much in the game?
Grothe: Yeah they're a heavy blitzing team, and in the first half they blitzed us like we thought they would, and when we would throw, they would come up and show blitz, but then drop back. And when we needed to pass it was hard to because they were dropping eight men back into coverage, and they just played it really well. We also didn't have very good filed position in the first half." 

USFN: Is that the most physical game that you've played this season?
Grothe: Yeah, definitely, that's probably the best defense that were going to see, they were fast, faster then I thought they would be."

USFN: How many stitches did you get in your nose?
Grothe: I got ten stitches all together. Two cuts, seven stitches in one and three in the other. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but on film it looked like the guy that hit me shoulder pad came through and hit my nose."

USFN: Are you wearing face protection now?
Grothe: Yeah I got a shield on my face mask right now, I'm not a real big fan of them, I can see fine but everything echo's it seams like every time I talk it echo's inside, but at least I know what I'm saying. I'll probably take it off in a week or two once my nose gets all healed up.

Are you back to 100 percent?
Grothe: Yeah, I'm doing good, my toes pretty much back to 100 percent, my foot still hurts just a little bit, but not enough to tell."

USFN: Does having a bye week help after a loss like that to get ready for the next game?
Grothe: Yeah its either going to be a good thing or a bad thing, but I think the way people have been acting the last week or so that it will be a good thing. We got beat pretty good and everybody ready to get that next win so we can get bowl eligibility, we'll be fine, and we just got to bounce back from the last game." 

USFN: How does the team's morale look to you?
Grothe: Nobody really looks down, some teams after a loss like that are ready to end the season, but everybody looks ready to play. I know I am, these last two weeks have been long, I'm just ready to get out there and play some football. "

USFN: What did you do this past weekend off?
Grothe: I went hunting, its what I like to do when I'm not playing football, either hunt or fish

Did you get anything?
Grothe: No, the last couple of years I got a game camera out where I hunt, and there is this big deer, I was really looking for him, but he didn't come out. I saw about six or seven deer, but I was just waiting for him to walk out." 

USFN: Does the loss sit with you more during a bye week?
Grothe: No not really, everybody feels the same way, we were looking forward to our bye week, not before the game but after the game, Monday practice, Tuesday practice, Wednesday practice, everybody was looking for that Friday and Saturday off just so we could have our own time for a couple days and relax and get healthy. I didn't really think about it too much, I'm just looking forward to this Saturday."

USFN: What's your feeling on facing the ranked teams on your remaining schedule?
Grothe: Honestly, I haven't really thought about that much, I'm just looking forward to this Saturday, I'll worry about that in 2 or 3 weeks, we got Pitt this week and that is what I'm really looking forward to now."

USFN: How important is this game being homecoming, facing Pitt, and needing one more win to be bowl eligible? 
Yeah, its one game away from making our season, just because beating Pitt, a team that is just on the border of being in the top 25, and everybody knows how good they been playing, I'm sure they're going to be heavily favored after what they did to UCF. If we come out and beat them, I think it will spark something, it will make the whole team excited about the last three games."

USFN: Does facing Pitt and their high-powered offense put pressure on your offense?
Grothe: No, we'll be fine, we just have to straighten a few things out. Its our homecoming so everybody going to be hyped up for that, and it's our place so we'll be fine."

USFN: What do you know about Tyler Palko?
Grothe: He just plays smart, he's a senior this year, so he knows his offense real well, and he's having a real good season this year, he plays really smart, doesn't make a lot of mistakes."

With the extra week off how excited are you to play football this week?
Grothe: I cant wait to win another game, two weeks off, actually three weeks since we won a game, so it will fun to get out there and play again"

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