USFNation Q & A: Bulls LB Pat St. Louis

The USF Bulls are preparing for their homecoming game against Big East foe Pitt this Saturday. Find out what Bulls linebacker Pat St. Louis has to say about facing the high powered Pitt offense and Tyler Palko, and much more in this exclusive interview. Only on - Get it First, Get it Fast! Was it harder dealing with the loss with extra week?
Patrick St. Louis: After a loss you deal with it the next day, after that Sunday game you deal with it Monday and try and get it out of your system. Having a bye week may take it longer for some people to get over it, but once the season starts back up, once it's time to play, you got to go, so I just leave it behind, that's what I do. Next day I deal with it then I'm ready to go."

USFN: How do think the Defense is doing so far this year?
St. Louis: I like us I like us a lot. We just got to limit our mistakes. Your always going to make mistakes, your never going to have a perfect football game, but if we can just limit our mistakes we'll be fine. When you got a team down you got to keep them down, don't let them get certain plays on us, when we get them down we have to keep them down. We need to just keep on fighting all the way through, play four quarters of football. Win, lose or draw, we got to make sure if we're up, or if were not we got to play all four quarters of football. I think we do a great job of playing all four quarters. Every game we go out there and play hard and I'm fine with that, I can look a guy in the eye, and I can just look at him and tell that you left it all on the line, and that's what I like about our defense 

USFN: Do you see improvement on the defensive line?
St. Louis: Yes! They're improving all the time, they got a couple of young guys, but that it isn't nothing. You just try and line them up and get them to move, that's all, you got to trust them, shoot you got no choice, that's why you got them on the field."

USFN: How good is your secondary playing?
St. Louis: Oh man them guys are good, aren't they like top ten in the nation in pass defense, I'm not too sure. I do know they're real, all of them got experience, and they work for it all the time, so at any given moment they can have an interception on the field."

USFN: Do you feel comfortable with who's playing behind you?
St. Louis: We don't really think about who's behind us. We love our corners, I love our corners, I love my safeties, I love them all. Who's ever in the game, I never know who's in the game at secondary, all I know is when they make a tackle, and they say the name, and I'm like you were in the game? You never know because it's a rotation, a constant rotation. But I'm comfortable with those guys, they know they're stuff."

USFN: Does it help having corners who have played against Palko before?
St. Louis: Oh yeah it helps. They played against them already, it's always good to have a cornerback with what three years experience playing against Pitt. Those guys go out there to play, and they lay it on the line. Every game is a challenge for them. I've seen them go out there and play like there is no tomorrow. They're on special teams they're on everything, and they just lay it all out for our team. I just thank them for being here."

USFN: What do you know about Tyler Palko?
St. Louis: Well he gets outside of the pocket and makes quick decisions with the ball, sometimes he'll throw it, sometimes he'll run it, but he's always a threat to throw the ball. You never know, I've seen him on film and he took off a couple of times and ran for first downs. He's a smart player, he's a senior and he's been around and playing for three years now, so everything to him is almost like secondary, making his reads, things like that."

USFN: Is he the most dangerous quarterback you have faced all year?
St. Louis: Yeah he's one of the better quarterbacks we've faced this year, or will be. He played last year and the year before that, so he will be one of the best quarterbacks so far that we faced this year. I think I heard that he has thrown for like 108 passes without throwing an interception or something like that. Somebody told me that so it probably is true. He's trying to limit his mistakes, he's the leader out there on that team, he's been there the longest, and so everybody looks to him to play well."

USFN: Does anything stand out about the team's loss at Pitt last year?
St. Louis: Little mistakes here and there, everybody had their plays, and big plays are probably one of the things, they would get big plays every now and then. So you just try and eliminate all the big plays that you can..'

USFN: Do you look at this week's game as payback for last year's loss?
St. Louis: Nah, we just want to limit our mistakes. That's all. It's not about payback for last year. It's about going out there and getting the job done. Its not about what they did to us last year, its about going out there and winning this game. I'm going to go out there and play my game and if everybody does their job hopefully will come out with a victory."

USFN: Do you think Pitt is a better team now then they were last year?
St. Louis: Yeah they're a bit better, they're having a good season, but they still have a young team, but I think they're a little bit better then last year.

USFN: What does Homecoming mean to you being a senior?
St. Louis: Oh man this is my what fourth homecoming, I can't remember, but I love Homecoming, its for the fans. I'm not going to lie, I love homecoming this is my last one so I just can't wait. Last year wasn't a very good homecoming because we had to play in December due to the hurricane, but I'm looking forward to playing my last homecoming, and I'm looking forward to giving it my all out there like I do every game. Laying it all on the line, no regrets at the end of the game."

How do you feel about the noon kickoff?
St. Louis: I like the fact that we're playing at noon. It feels good to be playing in the daytime. I like the sun, but we always play at night, and I like playing in the afternoon. Because every time you're looking at the television there's always a college football game on, and that means its college football time. So I like to play in the afternoon always."

USFN: Is there a sense of urgency being just one win from bowl contention?
St. Louis: There no urgency, just everybody knows, this is our season, and each game from now on is our season. Each game is one game season, so you go out there and play."

USFN: How big is this game for you?
St. Louis: Every game is big, not just this one, but also the next two after this one. This is when you show where your heart is, you got to put it all on the line, you got to have a reason to play, right now we're probably not competing for the BIG EAST championship, but we want to still play in December or in January with one of these bowl games. We went for the first time last year, and I want to make sure that we do it again. So I'm in the film room, and making sure that we do everything right on the field."

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