Behind the Bench Photo Gallery: USF vs Pitt

Behind-the-scenes photos from Saturday's 22-12 homecoming game against Pitt. Included in this gallery are great action shots from the game, and shots of your favorite players from behind the bench. Only USFNation gets you inside access like this! Check it out

Taurus Johnson

Taurus Johnson

Stephen Nicholas

Coach Wally Burnham

Josh Julmiste

Stephen Nicholas

Freshmen RB Keeley Dorsey

USF fans Jenn Sterger & Britney

OL Danny Tolley

Josh Julmiste

LS Eric Setser

Amarri Jackson - The Catch

Amarri Jackson - The Run

Amarri Jackson - The Score

Julian Riley and Mike Jenkins

OL Marc Dile gets some attention

Mike Jenkins after his interception

DL Richard Clebert puts the pressure on Palko

CB Mike Jenkins signals the Safety

Coach Bernard Clark

DL Richard Clebert and Josh Julmiste

More USF Fans

LB Stephen Nicholas


DL Aaron Harris

Even more USF Fans

DT Woody George

USF commit Claud Davis, behind him in the hat is Bulls Recruit Kevin McCaskill

Bulls recruit Micah Grimes

S Jeremy Burnett

Director of football operations Larry Antonucci and Lil Nucci

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