USFNation Q & A: Bulls Punter Justin Teachey

USF punter Justin Teachey helped the Bulls to their big homecoming win over Pitt Saturday. Find out what Bulls Punter has to say about completing two fake punts for first downs, and much more in this exclusive interview. Only on - Get it First, Get it Fast!

Justin Teachey Punter

USFNation: Why were you more successful this week running the fake punt?
Justin Teachey: This week we were way more successful, everyone got the blocks real good, our blocking was great this week so that always helps.

USFN: Do you credit for helping you get the first downs?
Teachey: The first time Will Bleakley had a good block on the first one, but it was really what they gave us, they took off. We just ran our regular coverage and there was just no one there. On the second one, there were some tough blocks. George Selvie made a great block, and Brouce he's my lead man, so I just follow him and of course Tyller Roberts and Shane McElwain are over there."

USFN: What goes through your mind when a fake punt is called?
Teachey: For really I don't think anything on the field, I'm kind of brain-dead. Well not brain-dead, but my mind is blank and I'm just focused on the snap, make sure I catch the snap and follow through with my kicks, or what ever play they call."

USFN: What did it seem that you hesitated before you ran on the first fake?
Teachey: Well right before the snap I saw that they weren't really going to rush hard. You can kind of tell easily. So I caught the ball and looked up, and I was going to kick it and I saw that they just retreated to set up the return so I went."

USFN: You had the option to run the fake?
Teachey: Yes, on the first one I did. The second one was a called fake."

USFN: Were you surprised how open the second fake was?
Teachey: Yeah, I was just trying to make sure that I got the yards for the first down. But I saw that I had a lot of room on the outside so I took it to the outside, and I tried to make a move on the guy, but what am I going to do?"

USFN: When you completed the fake did it give the team a boost after being stopped?
Teachey: Yeah, Grothe's a great quarterback and he can always lead our offense, so anymore downs that we can get him that's the more opportunities that we get obviously to score."

USFN: How big was that to sustain the team's first drive?
Teachey: It's a big boost, like I said Grothe's a great quarterback, and to get him the ball back was a real big boost to our team. It got the fans back in the game."

USFN: What's your 40 time?
Teachey: I run a 4.5-4.6, something like that. I think my fastest time ever is like 4.57.'

USFN: Are you going to work out at running back this week?
Teachey: No absolutely not."

USFN: Do you think you'll get a scholarship now?
Teachey: I have no idea

USFN: Do you have more satisfaction running a fake for a first down or putting a punt inside the 5 yard line?
Teachey: Whatever my team needs at the time. If we're down by a touchdown and we need a first down then for our offense obviously that's what we need at that time. But if were playing a good defensive game like we were today, our defense was awesome, then we probably could have punted it both times and still have the win." 

USFN: What was the reason for the punting today?
Teachey: Well they had three people back. That makes it hard for a rugby style punter, because there is nowhere to bounce the ball. Also, the wind was ridiculous today. It wasn't really fair for punters. As you saw they had probably two 30 yard punts into the wind, and I had a thirty something too. The one came out good but the wind just caught it and it died."

USFN: Have you noticed that people are now coming up and trying to field your punts?
Teachey: Yeah it's crazy if they let it hit the ground, but if they catch it in the air obviously that's a weakness to us, and we have to cover good."

USFN: Are you doing anything differently now that teams are trying to field you punts?
Teachey: Not really, well we run the fakes on them. If they have three people back they only have eight people up. So that's awesome because we have ten guys, and we can block eight, ten versus eight that's pretty good."

USFN: How big was this win for you?
Teachey: It was very big. Pittsburgh has been talking all week. They were saying that we were soft and we weren't going to play physical, and we punched them in the mouth. It was a great game. Our offense and defense came out and played awesome."

USFN: what does a win like this say about the team?
Teachey: We can win any game, we can play with anyone in the country, its just like they say on any given Sunday."

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