USFNation Q & A: Quarterback Matt Grothe

USF quarterback Matt Grothe Led his team to a thrilling 22-12 victory over Pitt last week. See what the Bulls freshmen quarterback has to say about the teams win over Pitt, The status of his foot, on making the highlight reel, and the upcoming last home game against Syracuse. Only on!

USFNation: How does your foot compare to the last time you injured it?
Matt Grothe: It'll be all right. I just re-aggravated it. They were trying to make me relax, and to laugh on the sideline, and not think about the pain, and I thought I was going to be able to go back in but when I stood up on it, it hurt real bad. It feels ten times better now then it did two days after the last time I did it. I thought it would be worse, because last time I was able to go back in, but when I got hurt Saturday I couldn't even walk on it when I was on the sidelines. I thought that when I woke up Sunday morning it was going to be something extreme, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, instead of feeling tens times worse in the morning, it felt ten times better."

The X-rays of the foot came up negative? 
Grothe: Yeah, It's a sprain of the foot, where all the little bones are, it happened when I was tackled and the guy pulled my foot down as I tried to get out of it. But it's a hundreds times better."

USFN: How long are you going to be held out of practice?
Grothe: Well I didn't go yesterday, and today I'm just going to go a little bit, probably just do seven on seven, and then I'll try and go tomorrow."

USFN: Are you still going to wear the protective boot?
Grothe: I'll probably still have to wear it around for the week. I had to wear it last time I got injured, even though I was still practicing, just so I wouldn't put to much stress on it."

USFN: How about your highlight play when it looked like you were sacked?
Grothe: It worked out perfectly, he's three times the size of me, and he slung me so hard, that I just stayed in the air, and used his body not to touch the ground. When I came up and touched the ground, I didn't hear a whistle, so I started to look for somebody open. The guy was like no he's down, but I wasn't."

USFN: What was going through mind during that play?
Grothe: I thought I was going to get sacked, It was weird I was like a sling shot and just bounced up off of him. I was just going to run, but then I saw S.J. standing there thinking the play was over, and luckily the defender was walking away because he thought the play was over, then S.J. got between the safety and the cornerback and I was able to make a play."

USFN: How many times have you watched the play?
Grothe: I've only watched it once on film, but my girlfriend likes watching it in front of me like 600 times now. I haven't seen it that many times but have heard the ESPN announcers over and over. I guess somebody sent her a cut up of that play and the one where I ran around like a lunatic in a big circle then ran for like 24 yards. She would watch and rewind over and over again." 

USFN: What was the team's confidence like going into the Pitt game?
Grothe: We knew we were going to do well. We had to. We had a really good week of practice, probably the best all year, and I had a good feeling going into the game. When we were walking out on the field, you could just tell we were going to have a good game and minus the turnovers, the offense did really well. "

USFN: How has the offensive line progressed through the season?
Grothe: The offensive line is a trip. I've played with a lot of different people in my life in football, and the offensive line that I have now is like watching a comedy show, they just come into the game and I've never seen so many people so lax going into a game. Always joking around, always having a good time, and it helps. It calms me down and helps the whole offense. You can definitely tell the progress from when we started the year till where we are now. Their doing a goods job, giving me some time to get the ball in the air, and making some wholes for the running backs."

USFN: What's the reason for the success running the reverse this season?
Grothe: Probably our speed, we do that speed sweep to Amarri and to Ean often, then we do it and then T.J. comes around, and if you watch the tape, the whole defense, all eleven of them don't expect that to come. Its good play calling at the right time."

USFN: What are thoughts on the Syracuse defense?
Grothe: Their defense is good, but they don't blitz a lot. They're kind of backwards from most defenses we faced. Most defenses we played blitz on second and long and third and long, but they blitz a lot on first down and try and pin you back deep right off the bat and try and make you throw, but we'll just have to work on a good game plan and get around that, and there is a lot of stuff that we see that can hurt them."

USFN: How big is this game to you?
Grothe: game that we played since we've been in the Big East. Just because of the fact that we got six games and we're bowl eligible, but if we lose out, we're not going to a bowl. We have to win this game, just so we can set up the rest of our season, the last two games and the bowl game. If we win this game we're basically guaranteed a bowl game. So this is huge."

USFN: How was practice yesterday?
Grothe: We also had a good practice last night, and as long as we keep doing what we know how do and will be fine come Saturday."

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