Is Fisher Still Upset With USF?

A few weeks ago it was reported that there was a "falling out" between the massive OL from St. Pete and the Bulls. USFNation talks with Fisher to find out what happen and if it will effect his decision. Read on for the entire story.

Can you re-cap what has gone down in the last couple weeks with USF?

Yeah, basically (the coaches at) USF thought I wasn't interested in them anymore, and they stopped recruiting me. I never said I wasn't interested though. If you look in the articles I've always talked highly of them and had them in my top 5.

But I heard a rumor you were ready to commit and something happen, is that true?

Yeah I had a conversation with one of the coaches and said I was ready to be a Bull. They told me I couldn't commit, that there was a loss of interest and they went out and recruited a bunch of linemen because they didn't think I wanted to go there. I thought that was ridiculous and have no idea where they got that from.

Has this situation been resolved?

I hope so. I was talking to Coach Leavitt and he said he wanted to come to my house in a couple weeks and sit down and straighten everything out with me and my parents.

Do you think everything can get back to normal, or is it something that could affect your decision in the end?

I think it was a miscommunication. I just wish a coach would have called me and asked if it was true. Nobody ever called to ask if I was losing interest. They even told me that if I wanted to come there I had to schedule an official visit and if I didn't they wouldn't consider me. So I even saved a visit for them, that's why I don't understand how this happen.

It was a problem, but I want to talk to the coaches and see how it goes. After I sit down with coach Leavitt I think this whole thing will be over with.

Where does USF stand right now?

They are still right in the top 4, top 5. Its always been like that. I don't have a number one, just a bunch of schools I am considering. Once I set visits with those I'll have a much better idea of where I want to go.

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