Andre Hall: "I'm Back In Motion"

After bouncing around, it looks like Andre Hall finally has a home in Denver. The former Bull running back talks with USFNation about how tough it has been watching from home, how the signing went down, his thoughts on Matt Grothe and much more. Only on! How do you feel now that you've been signed?

Andre Hall: I feel relieved. It has been rough on me to watch all my friends out there playing and I haven't been able to get out there. It was rough, but now I'm back in motion. Not saying I'm back, but now I'm in motion.

USFN: How do you feel about going to Denver?

AH: I just want to play football. It's going to be hard to adapt to the cold but I'll do it.

USFN: What has it been like with all these different teams?

AH: Hell. It's been Hell. The hardest thing is to watch all your friends out there playing. I don't even watch football on TV. Its not allowed in my house, I just cant do it.

USFN: Have you been following the Bulls a lot?

AH: Yeah, that's my love. I watch everything they do. Grothe is someone I've been watching. He looks real good, he looks like some of the guys I've been working with in the NFL. The line is protecting, the receivers are making catches, its been coming together.

USFN: Are you impressed with the young guys?

AH: There is no one star, that's what makes a team. On defense you got Trae, Snake, Moffitt, St. Louis, Selvie. There are a lot of guys out there playing hard.

USFN: How did the Denver signing go?

AH: I went up there two weeks ago. I worked out, lifted, ran a 40. I'm actually kinda angry because I lifted better there than I did at the combine. 

USFN: What did you lift?

AH: I did 225, 19 times. I did 17 at the combine. I ran a low 4.4 in the cold. I didn't care, I needed a job.

USFN: How did you find out they wanted you?

AH: I was back at home and my agent called. He asked if I was sitting down. At that time I knew it was time to go play some ball. Now I have to spend a little time with the family before I fly out, because I'm not coming back anytime soon. They are going to have to kill me to get me out of Denver!

USFN: Do you have anything to say to USF fans?

AH: Yeah, I just want to thank everyone for sticking with me, they've helped me through all this.

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