USF Basketball Game Observations: Stetson

The Bulls almost suffered their first loss of the season against Stetson Monday night, but narrowly escaped with a double overtime win. In the end, a strong will and deep bench gave USF the final push they needed to win in the second overtime. Read more game notes and observations from the USFNation staff.

USF Bulls vs. Stetson Hatters'

Score: USF Bulls 77 – Stetson Hatters' 72
Location: USF Sun Dome
Attendance: 2874

            The Bulls closely escaped with a win on Tuesday that went into double overtimes, and Stetson almost handed the Bulls their first loss of the season. In the end, a strong will and deep bench gave USF the final push they needed in the second overtime. The first half was full of Bulls' miscues, including 14 turnovers, giving the Hatters' plenty of opportunities to stay in the game.

           The second half had a lot miscues, but the team really began to play together. Then going into the two overtimes, the Bulls' will and bench really began to overpower the Hatters' play, eventually overtaking them at the end of the 2nd overtime to win the game.

           Freshman Solomon Bozeman went 15-16 from the free throw line, had five assists, three steals, and seven rebounds. The true heart of the team came from the play of McHugh Mattis, who went 6-8 from the free throw line, 7-11 on field goals, and had seven blocks even though he was in foul trouble most of the night


 Starting Rosters

USF                                            Stetson


#15 McHugh Mattis-F                                 #01 Gabe McMillen-G

#03 Melvin Buckley-F                                 #14 Garfield Blair-G

#02 Melvin Richardson-C                           #21 Eric Diaz-F

#10 Chris Capko-G                                      #31 Kris Thomas-F

#22 Solomon Bozeman-G                            #35 Collins Okafor- C


 First Half:

  • Bulls start poorly on offense with tons of passing but no open shots
  • Four minutes into the game, Melvin Richardson hits a three pointer from the corner opposite the bench side. The pass came courtesy of an inbound pass that came from behind the backboard from Chris Capko
  • At 16:20, Adamu Saaka is first sub of the game.
  • McHugh Mattis dunks on an alley oop pass from Chris Capko
  • Melvin Buckley  hits a three after a fast break, then Solomon Bozeman steals the inbound from the Hatters' two shot and gets the foul and makes both foul shots
  • USF defense constantly swarms around the ball and refuse to allow any easy shots for the Hatters'
  • Melvin Buckley hits a three after Chris Capko jukes his defender and dishes for the assist
  • Bulls are haunted by traveling calls early on in the game.
  • With ten minutes, Chris Capko #10 gives a nice dish to Adamu Saaka #21 for drive inside for two
  • Hatters' Kris Thomas converts a three point play after making the shot and drawing the foul
  • At four minutes, the Hatters' pull within three
  • USF offense playing flat and forcing shots, but Bull's defense still playing strong
  • Hatters' Tim Lang #22 drives in the lane to cause the foul and he goes 1-2
  • At 1:40, Hatters' tied the game 27-27
  • With half a minute left the Hatters' Gabe McMillen turns the ball over. Solomon Bozeman grabs the ball with a fast-break and draws the foul. He makes both shots to tie the game going into halftime 29-29


Second Half:

  • McHugh Mattis opens up the second half with a monster dunk
  • McHugh Mattis with an incredible block on the Hatters' Tim Lang, then Melvin Buckley scores with a second chance shot
  • With 15 minutes left in the second half, McHugh Mattis has another incredible block on the Hatters' Eric Diaz
  • Chris Capko gives an alley oop to McHugh Mattis identical to the one in the first half
  • Adamu Saaka misdribbles and Hatters' Kris Thomas recovers the ball for the fast-break makes the shot and gets fouled by Adamu Saaka, free throw made and the Hatters' up by two 43-45
  • Hatters' up by four with nine minutes remaining
  • Hatters' A.J. Smith hits a three to give the Hatters' a seven point lead 43-50
  • Melvin Buckley is little off with his three point shooting, but hits his first three pointer of the second half with 6:30 left
  • USF chips away at the lead with good fundamental basketball
  • Melvin Buckley misses his three point shot but recovers the rebound to drives the lane to tie the game. He draws the foul but misses the foul shot. The score is tied 57-57 with 1:30 left
  • Hatters' Gabe McMillen drives and spins around Solomon Bozeman for the lay-up to give the Hatters' a two point lead with a minute left
  • Chris Capko was forced to call a timeout after experiencing leg cramps
  • With :15 left, Solomon Bozeman draws a foul and makes both shots to tie and force the game into overtime. The score is tied 59-59



  • Hatters' Kris Thomas hits a three pointer at 3:45 to give them the lead 59-64
  • McHugh Mattis gets offensive rebound and draws the foul and goes 1 for 2 on foul shots. At three minutes, he picks up another offensive rebound to drive in the shot and pull the Bulls within two 62-64
  • Chris Capko cramps up again and has to call timeout and sits out
  • With 28.8 seconds left McHugh Mattis draws a foul and hit both foul shots to tie the game up and to go to a 2nd Overtime

2nd Overtime:

  • People starting to leave with the 2nd overtime about to begin
  • Solomon Bozeman draws the foul in the lane and as result the Hatters' Tim Lang fouls out and Solomon Bozeman hit both foul shots
  • Both teams seem fatigued at this point it is a matter will and depth of the bench
  • Hatters' Kris Thomas ties the game at 68-68
  • Solomon Bozeman misses the three but Melvin Buckley grabs the rebound and draws the foul to make both foul shots to give the Bulls a 70-68 lead.
  • Adamu Saaka causes the turnover and drives into basket to give the Bulls a four point lead with 51 seconds left
  • Bulls destroy the Hatters' full court press with amazing passing and by giving McHugh Mattis an easy lay-up.
  • Solomon Bozeman gets fouled and makes 1 of 2 shots 75-72
  • Hatters' miss shots and are forced to foul the Bulls to end the game at 77-72

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