USF Post Game Q&A With McHugh Mattis

USFNation talks with USF's McHugh Mattis after the Bulls 77-72 Double overtime win over Stetson Monday night at the Sundome. Find out what the Bulls forward has to say about pulling out the win. Read for the entire story. Only on! Get it First, Get it Fast!

Bulls Forward McHugh Mattis:Started off slow, but went 6-8 from the free throw line, 7-11 on field goals, ending the game with 20 points. He also had seven blocks with five rebounds, even though he was in foul trouble most of the night.

USFNation: Last year's game went into double overtime. What was different in this overtime that caused you to pull out with the win this time?
Mattis: "We rolled it through and we played a little smarter. Then the first half I think we committed a lot of turnover in first half and then we picked it up"

USFN: In the 1st overtime you didn't have a lead. What pushed you guys to take it off like that in the 2nd overtime?
Mattis: "We just wanted to get it done, we just bowed our heads told every to go out play hard, take it a possessions at a time."

USFN: As well as you guys played the first two games, the first half was a rough stretch for you guys…was there something that turn around the game or that got you guys playing better basketball?
Mattis: "I think Amu, Solomon, and Buckley helped me in the first half because I didn't do so good, and coach got on me about and pick it up the second half."

USFN: Solomon played 46 minutes with no turnovers and hitting the big free throws that he did?
Mattis: "Just big plays."

USFN: What was it like playing that long with four fouls?
Mattis: "It's hard…I was trying not foul but I mean I had to make plays I had to go get some, keep jumping and try to block shots…but I was kind of playing timid."

USFN: Do you think a couple time you picked up that fifth one?
Mattis: "Not really…I was trying to keep him in front but after he beat me I knew I couldn't foul out but coach told not foul out… keep moving my feet"

USFN: On two occasions you rebounded over the guys back…It kind of hard to do that with those fouls. How did you do that?
Mattis: - "Just trying to make plays when we are down."

USFN: What did coach tell you guys at halftime?
Mattis: "He just told us to that it is a hard fight and just keep our head up."

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