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USF defensive end George Selvie had a big part in the Bulls thrilling 24-19 upset victory over No.7 ranked West Virginia Saturday. See what the Bulls freshmen DE has to say about the improvement on the D-line, scoring his first touchdown, and more. Only on!

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USFNation: The D-line has really been playing well the last few games, what do you think the difference is from earlier in the season?
George Selvie: At the beginning of the season, we were just starting out and did not know what to expect. We had a new group of people after three players left after last season from the defense. We had to get that chemistry together as a defense. As the games went along, we learned more about how each other play, and at the end of the season we were just able to come together.

How important is Josh Julmiste returning to the line after serving a six game suspension?
Selvie: That was really big. He is a big and fast guy who can get into the backfield and get pressure and hit the quarterback. He is very aggressive so he is a big asset to our defensive line and defense overall.

USFN: What type of relationship do you have with Chris Robinson?
Selvie: : That is my really good friend and actually he is my roommate. We are really close and keep together. After the game, we went to Applebees and laughed. I waste my tea, spilling it on the table, so we laughed. We had fun celebrating.

USFN:: What is your most memorable moment from this season?
Selvie: : Definitely the touchdown that I scored at West Virginia. I had never scored a touchdown in my career before. 

USFN:: What went through your mind when you saw the ball lying there with nobody around but yourself?
Selvie: : I was like, "Are you serious." It was right there for me. I just picked it up and ran. At first, I did not know it was a touchdown because I did not hear the roar from the crowd. I was kind of getting down on myself, but I realized we were not at home so it was okay to silence the crowd.

USFN:: I know you are unsure about what team you will be playing, but what are your expectations for the bowl game?
Selvie: : We expect to play our game. We know we can dominate, but we just need to do what we do best.

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