USFNation Q&A With Bulls Buckley & Bozeman

USFNation talks with USF Forward Melvin Buckley and Bulls Freshman guard Solomon Bozeman after the Bulls 77-72 Double overtime win over Stetson Monday night at the Sundome. Read for the entire story. Only on!

Melvin Buckley

USFN:  Tell us about the team mentality of the team effort?
Buckley: We wouldn't have won that game last year, that is as simple as it is…We just proved what we told you all in the beginning of the season, that it is going to be a different look, a different team.

USFN: Tell us about the play of Freshmen Solomon Bozeman?
Buckley: whenever you have freshman step up hitting 15 of 16 free throws you know your living in heaven. I am not mad at him, I just gave him the ball and let them foul him, you know what I am saying , you know that is great.

USFN:  How about Bozeman) going 46 minutes without a turnover tonight?
Buckley:  Man that is huge…whenever you go 46 minutes with no turnovers. I am looking at my turnovers and I am like Whoa, you know what I saying, he got no turnovers and he is carrying the ball the whole time. Words don't describe that…that is an intangible that can't be taught.

USFN: Did the team take Stetson to lightly?
Buckley: You know we came in and you have to tip your hat to Stetson, because teams are getting beat by a lot of low division one mid-majors coming up and biting top schools. It is parity in college basketball. So you come in against a team like Stetson and you take them for granted you know you shouldn't but it is human nature.

USFN:  In first half you guys had 14 turnovers and you guys have been averaging 14 turnovers a game, what did you guys have to do differently to get it together in the second half?
Buckley:  They came out ready to play and we didn't that period. We come out in the first half and our turnovers weren't really caused by their pressure, but  more or less us going to fast. We had five or six travels and were throwing the balls away with wide open men,  you know when you see something your eyes light up and that was all.


Solomon Bozeman

USFN:  You were down in second half by 8 with 5:50 left. What did you have to do to get back in the game? Was it on the defensive side?
Bozeman: Yes, it was on the defensive side, but mainly its just like I told Buck and  McHugh, I kept telling them all game that we need them, and they came out the second half and Buck hit some big shots and McHugh grabbed like four or five rebounds at the end of the game that really helped, so they really stepped up, that it why we got the win.

USFN: Talk about the pressure you faced on the free throw line?
Bozeman: It was a lot of pressure but…I mean…my dad is a coach and being a coach's son he always told me that big time players always step up in big time situation so I know that I had to knock down my free throws so we can get the win.

USFN: 15 for 16 tonight, have you always been a good free throw shooter ?
Bozeman: Yeah, I have always been a good free throw shooter…I worked with this guy in Arkansas that they called the free throw doctor and he always telling…he told that he wanted me to come in and try to shoot 98% from the free throw line and he was telling that I could do it, but right now I am pretty disappointed… I am not at 98% right now so I am really disappointed."

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