3 Star Florida OL Names a Favorite

One of the top offensive line prospects in Florida is preparing for the state championship. He talks about recruiting, and names a favorite. Only on USFNation.com - Get it First, Get it Fast!

Chance Raines Profile

"The season is going great we're getting ready for the state championships this week, so we been practicing late everyday." said Raines "This is my fourth time going to the state championship, and the opportunity to win it a third time is a big deal for my team."

The 6-foot-2 Raines said he's happy with the season he's having. "I'm not a huge guy, I'm 6'2 and I'm up to 278 now, but I kind of pride myself on being a lower and quicker player" Raines also added "I was a little bummed the last game because I injured my toe a little bit, but I should be 100 percent for the game, they held me of a few practices, but I got out there yesterday, and I should be good to go for the game."

Have a lot of coaches been calling this week?
"Yeah, TCU, Navy, Middle Tennessee, USF is supposed to call me tonight or tomorrow, also Furman, and some smaller schools have called. Georgia Southern talked to me at practice Tuesday. Recruiting has picked up a little this week. Middle Tennessee came by and saw me Tuesday. USF should be out there this week, Coach Dawsey said he was going to try and make it out sometime this week, if not he'll visit my family next week."

Have you set any official visits yet?
"No I haven't, but I want to set one up with Middle Tennessee, and maybe Miami but they haven't offered yet. I wasn't planning on setting up a visit to USF, but I'm really liking what their doing with their program there. I like coach Leavitt, he's done a hell of a job down there, and there's a strong possibility that I may want to go there, so I at least owe them a visit. "

Do you have a top five?
"My top five would start off with USF, then Middle Tennessee, then probably TCU, Navy, and even though Miami hasn't offered I like to throw them in somewhere."

What do you like about Middle Tennessee?
"I have a friend up there named Chico (Stephen Chicola) who plays up there right now and they have a pretty good engineering program, and coach Watts has done a really good job of recruiting me, keeping me updated with scores, and what bowls they may be eligible to go to. I haven't been up there so I can't really say much."

What do you like about USF?
"I like the fact that coach Leavitt told me that he's been offered other jobs, but wants to stay at South Florida. It shows me that he's committed to the team and his players, and the work that he has done down over the years is just amazing. They're a young team so the only place they can go is up, and from 8-4, if your going up after that kind of a season, a lot of good things are going to happen."

"They also have one of the best medical schools down there, and a really good engineering program there also. I wanted to major in either engineering or architecture, but my moms a nurse and she's trying to persuade me to go into the medical field. So as far as education my doors are almost wide open."

Have you been to USF?
"I visited USF twice unofficially, I went once just to look at everything, and I also went to a game. I went to the FIU game in the very beginning of the season; they came back and won by a point."

Have you been able to watch any of the Bulls games on TV this season?
"Yeah, I saw the West Virginia game, and that what kind of pulled me towards them a lot, they whooped up on them, makes you take notice."

What are your thoughts on the Bulls football team?
"Grothe is awesome, and USF has got one of the best defenses in the BIG EAST, and they're all freshmen on the D-line, or all freshmen and one sophomore. You know they're going to be disrupting some stuff in the future, and going off. Grothe is a redshirt freshmen, so if I go there next year I'll be a freshmen and he'll be a sophomore kind of a deal, so we could have some years together, its just a good situation."

Is playing time a consideration for you?
"Yeah, both those schools, USF and Middle Tennessee are trying to get some O-line in there this year, USF has a younger line, and Middle Tennessee is trying to get 5 linemen in this year, so both are trying to build their lines."

Does your family influence where you go?
"My family kind of wants me to be close to home, So TCU is a stretch, and Middle Tennessee is kind of far but I have family in Birmingham, so they won't mind if that's what I wanted. My family likes USF and Miami because it's close to home, and they can come in and check on me if anything goes wrong. My dad is like the Bulls have a good football team, but my mom is the one that is concerned about education, because after football you have your life."

When do you think you like to make a decision? 
"Well, earlier this week I was pretty dead set on USF, then Middle Tennessee came in at practice, and TCU called, then Navy called, and Miami also. This was all over three days, so its' been kind of confusing, this whole deal, I want to do what's right, but you kind of want to get it over with at the same time. It's confusing, so I don't know when I'll commit, it could be soon or it could be in February. I want to make a good decision; it goes family, football, and then football/education kind of deal. Just try and make it all work"

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