Sinclair: "They Want Me So Bad Down in Tampa"

Charlton Sinclair from Mandarin High School has been interested in USF from the beginning, find out why he might be closer than ever to choosing the Bulls. Also inside is why Sinclair did not go to NC State this weekend, a team that is in his top 3. Only on!

The backlash from the Chuck Amoto firing continues. Charlton Sinclair was scheduled to make a visit to North Carolina this weekend, but was called a few days before and told it would be postponed.

"They said that because of the firing I couldn't come up this weekend." Sinclair added, "I get a long great with my recruiter up there (coach Meyer) and I'm not sure if they're going to keep him on staff. As long as he's there they're still in my consideration."

In Jacksonville last week Sinclair was visited by USF wide receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey. He said the two are great friends.

"Man, Coach Dawsey is the coolest recruiter I have."

Sinclair also said he talked with Leavitt over the phone this week.

"I liked what he said about my involvement in the defense. They want to use me as a run-stopping safety and bring me up to the line a lot. We had a great conversation, they want me so bad down in Tampa, it's exciting."

With all the good things he has to say about the Bulls the only question left is when he'll make a decision.

"I'm going to take my visit to Illinois, just to make sure I see at least one other campus. Then I'll take my USF visit and make my decision."

There is no doubt that Sinclair is very high on USF. The only thing that could sway him is probably his Illinois visit coming up in two weeks. will get another update on the 3 star DB when he gets back from his Illinois trip.

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