Bulls Slipping With 6'4 TE?

He's been sighted by USFNation staff on the sidelines of a USF home game, but now the Bulls are out of his top 3. Find out who's in and what's going on with him and South Florida.

Mat Williams is considered one of the top tight ends in the state. At 6-foot-5, 220 pounds he also runs in the 4.8 range, pretty quick for a guy his size. Williams has great hands and is a solid blocker in the run game, which is one of the main reasons he's been getting recruited by the Bulls.

However there is now a change in his top 3. Once very high on South Florida Williams says his top three goes like this (in no order): South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisville.

Why the change? Here's what Mat had to say, "I just went to Ole Miss last weekend and had a really good time. This past week coaches from all three schools in my top 3 came to visit and each was very interesting."

So where does this leave South Florida?

"Oh I still like them, they still recruit me. Actually I called them today, me and one of the coaches have been playing phone tag."

The sudden drop certainly isn't a good sign for the Bulls, but the good thing is there's plenty of time to recover. Mat has four visits set and as of now his final visit is January 6th in Tampa. Those last visits are always important as it's the last impression before signing day.

We'll follow Mat through his visits and up until signing day, stay tuned!

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