Barfield Rates USF Visit a "9"

This weekend JUCO DT Shukree Barfield and teammate Kevin Dixon made an official visit down to USF. Find out how it went, who his host was, where it ranks with his Nebraska visit and much more. Only on!

Depth at the defensive line has been an issue all season, and the quickest way to solve that problem is to recruit through the JUCO ranks. This weekend USF brought in two defensive tackles. One of them, Kevin Dixon, who already committed to South Florida and the other his teammate Shukree Barfield. At 6-foot-4 and 310 pounds Barfield has the tools to step in and be a starter come opening day, that is if he chooses the Bulls.

Here is what was revealed in an interview with

How was your visit to South Florida?
"It was pretty good. I enjoyed it, everything went well."

Who was your host?
"It was offensive lineman Walter Walker."

What did you do on the visit?
"We toured the campus, then we went to a get-together with a bunch of the guys. That was cool because I saw how close this team is. Everyone respects each other and it felt like a big family."

What were you're impressions of the coaching staff?
"I got to meet them all, I enjoyed that. We had the chance to ask questions."

In a previous article you said you were totally unfamiliar with USF, what were you trying to find out on your visit.?
"Yeah that's true. I didn't know much about the program coming in. First I wanted to know about the academics and support system they have at USF. I wanted to make sure I would get a good education. Secondly I wanted to see if it would be a place I could show my talent. I don't want to get into a situation where I'm sitting the bench. I want a shot to how my potential."

What did you learn about the depth chart at USF?
"It sounds like I could have a shot at starting. Of course I'd have to come in and compete for it, but I'd get a fair shot."

How would you rate your visit?
"I would give it a 9, it was a good time."

Where do you go from here and when will you make a decision?
"I go to Louisville this Friday, and I'll make my decision on Monday."

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