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Plant QB Robert Marve talks at-length with USFNation about his state championship win, the coaching situation at Alabama, what his plans are now, his thoughts on South Florida, and much more. Get this exclusive interview only! How have things been since the state title?
Robert Marve: Staying busy. The Alabama coaches were just at my house.

USFN: How did that go?
Marve: It went real well. Coach Kines and coach Ungerer were over here. Coach Kines has known my dad for a long time so they talked a lot. It was good.

USFN:What is goin on right now in recruiting, are you going to wait and see what happens or are you open?
Marve: I definitely need to see what happens with the University of Alabama, but at the same time I need the right situation for my self and I don't know if Alabama is it. I'm not closing any doors, just trying to find the right situation.

USFN: I heard when you were down in Miami you made a visit to the "U", how did it go?
Marve: I didn't visit them when I was down there. I was there for the state championship and was with my team the whole time. I did not go over there.

USFN: You seemed to put together several comeback drives this season, is that a situation you thrive in?
Marve: First off, I don't like being down, but if I'm in that position, I step up for my team. Being a three year starter that's my time to do it. We have a great two minute offense. We have a pretty nasty offense once we get into a flow.

USFN: You are always very calm out there. Even when you dropped the ball on the two-yard line and almost lost the championship, you still had the composure to throw a TD pass on the next play.
Marve: Yeah, but to be honest I should have scored on that play. I should have held on tighter and tucked it to end the game. But I did fumble and you cant take that back, my heart did stop when that happen, I thought the game was over, but my center stepped up for me and got the ball back. There was no reason to panic, it's just what our team does.

USFN: How did it feel breaking Tim Tebow's records against his old team and two talented corners?
Marve: It felt real good. The corners were much better than I thought, after watching tape I thought they were a little overrated, but they were real good.

USFN: Lets talk a little about USF, I've seen you at dozens of spring practices and on the sidelines of games, what is going on with the Bull's right now?
Marve: Yeah, I was at a USF game this year, just for fun. The coaches are actually coming in tomorrow night to talk with my family. Coach Smith, Coach Leavitt and Coach Franks are all coming to my house.

USFN: Do you think the offense USF runs is tailored to you strengths as a quarterback?
Marve: I think I can fit into many offenses. But the play calling is something I like about USF. Our offense is similar to the one USF runs, so I'd say I'm probably more familiar with it than most.

USFN: Is the location (Tampa) a reason you are interested in USF?
Marve: To stay here at home gives me a good feel. I'd like to play ball and still be close to my family.

USFN: You brought a state championship to Tampa for the first time in 30 years on the high school level, have you thought about bringing a championship to Tampa on the college level?
Marve: That would be great. That would be history for sure. Something I could be proud of and my family would be proud of. I'm still looking for the best situation, whether that's Alabama, USF or any other school. I've had a bunch of programs calling, but USF is definitely up there.

USFN: Who else are you seriously considering right now?
Marve: I haven't really got that far yet. I know Miami has called, Florida called, LSU and some schools in the SEC. Michigan State was in the office yesterday. I know I want to stay in the South and go from there. To be honest I just don't know, I'll know more in a week or two.

USFN: Who is going to help you in your final decision?
Marve: It's going to comedown to my mom and my dad, and my coach will surely give me some advice as well.

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