Leavitt & Co. Visit Robert Marve

Plant High QB Robert Marve talks to USFNation about his recent in-home visit by the South Florida staff. Read on to find out how it went, who else has jumped in the mix and where he plans to visit. Only on USFNation.com!

By now it is no secret that South Florida is putting on a full-court press for State Champion and 4 star quarterback Robert Marve. Recently Marve told USFNation that he needs to explore his options because Alabama may not be the right fit for him. Since then his house has become a meeting room for college coaches. Tuesday it was Alabama, Wednesday it was USF, Thursday Purdue. Also visiting him at school on Monday was Michigan State.

Already familiar with USF and the staff, Marve said the visit was a good one.

"It was a good visit. They came in, we talked about taking an official visit. I'm pretty sure I'll take one, we didn't set one for sure yet. I still need to figure out the dates for all my visits."

There have also been a couple new schools jumping in the mix. Purdue, Maryland and UCLA are the newest offers for Marve.

"Miami has come on pretty hard in the last few days, also Georgia Tech."

Last we talked with Marve he said it was his intention to stay in the South. I did some research and found that Maryland, Purdue and UCLA are not located in the "South".

"For me to consider those, the situation would have to be really good. It's not too cold in UCLA and I'm not sure how it gets in Maryland."

As for his other visits Marve says he plans on taking all 5, but only knows of four schools he'll see for now.

"Miami for sure, USF, Alabama, and probably Purdue."

The dead period for coaches and recruits starts Saturday. Marve says he'll take those two weeks to play in all-star games, think about his up-coming decision and go to San Diego to see his sick Grandmother for a week. However after the holidays the craziness will be in full swing, if he sticks to his word and makes five visits, that means 5 visits in 6 weeks. Quite a lot to take in for a teenager.

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