USFNation Bowl Q&A: Bulls DE George Selvie

USF redshirt defensive end George Selvie has had a huge season. See what the Bulls freshmen DE has to say about his first season, and the Bulls upcoming Bowl game vesus East Carolina. Only on!

DE George Selvie How have things been going?
George Selvie:
Things are going real well, I just got done with classes. Now I'm just been doing football practices and trying to get better, trying to put on some more weight and get ready for the Bowl game.

USFN: How do all the accolades that you have gotten make you feel?
It makes me feel good when you get an award for something that you do on the field. I can be that guy, and I thank the coaches for giving me the chance, and I thank my teammates, because without them I couldn't have done what I did. They made some sacrifices to help me come through. Like Allen Cray would get double teamed just so I could come through. So with out my teammates and their play I couldn't do it without them.

USFN: With all the attention you still seem quite humble, why is that?
It does make you feel good.  I smile about it and I'm happy about it, but I was always taught that it's not me that does it, it's God, and so all the glory goes to him.

USFN: What do credit the improvement on defensive to?
Well we started to get it going. You know, as you go along you start to see how people play, you know where they're going to be. You know what they're going to do. I know when somebody is going to go outside, I know where somebody is going to line up on the defensive line. I know am going to have to play off him, so we have to know each other. We have gotten to know each other better, we now have that chemistry, we joke around each other in practice, and towards the end of this year it all has come together.

USFN: What was going to the Bowl game like for you last year?
Well last year I redshirted and watched from the sideline, but it was a good trip, it was fun. We got to go to USF's first bowl game, and I was like I'm part of USF history. I got to go to the game; I got to watch Andre Hall run the ball and all that stuff. It was a real good experience up there.

USFN: What does it feel like going to and starting in this years Bowl game?
It means a lot to me, we want this bad. This is our second ever bowl game, and to have a chance to win our first ever bowl game in our school history. Not a lot of people can say they won the first bowl game in their school, so that's real big.

USFN: Have you ever been to Alabama before?
Yeah, Mobile, the sate line is right down the street from Pensacola, about 15 minutes. So we always go to Alabama.

USFN: Is a lot of your family making the trip up?
"Yeah a lot, I'm from Mississippi so they're coming from the neighboring Alabama. It's not that far for a lot of them.

USFN: Where are you from originally?
I'm from Columbus Mississippi, well that's the city next my small town Crawford where I'm from, its about 45 minutes away. My dad was in the military so we moved around quite a bit. I lived in Virginia and I lived in Pensacola more then once.

USFN: Do you know much about East Carolina?
Not personally, but I've been watching film and things like that.

USFN: Have you been practicing differently with the extra time before the Bowl game?
It has been basically the same. They been letting the younger guys get more playing time in. Even though I'm not a lot older then they are, but they're letting them get used to the defenses and stuff like that. That's the only real difference in practice.

USFN: Have you guys been using a bigger rotation lately?
Yeah, since we got Josh Julmiste back we've been doing a lot more rotating, everybody gets more rest so that's good.

USFN: How big has it been to get Josh back in the lineup?
We feel complete now. He is a big asset on the other side of the line. He can hold it down. He's a big guy and he can rush the passer. With Josh coming back we felt like we can do more now.

USFN: What has been your most memorable moment this year as a Bull?
My most memorable moment this year was scoring the touchdown against West Virginia. I've never scored a touchdown ever in my whole career so that felt real good.

USFN: Describe what went through your mind when it happened?
I'll always remember it, on the play I was chasing Steve Slaton, Pat White was nowhere to be, so I just turned around and I saw the ball right there, and I see Chris Robinson and Pat White looking up at me with sad eyes. They were both like I want the ball, but it was right there next to me so I picked it up and ran in. I didn't know I scored, I thought that it wasn't a fumble at first, because the crowd was so quite. It was a big game for our team, they were number seven in the country, biggest win in school history it was a great feeling.

USFN: What are your goals to finish out the year?
I just want to get some more sacks. I want to end the season being the sack leader. That's what I want. Chris Robinson has got me by half of a sack. He's my roommate, a little brotherly love, so we got a little friendly competition going. So that's my individual goal for the year and this game. He always gives me a hard time about it once he found out he was the sack leader. He kind of rubs my face in it, but I'm like who got the touchdown. We go back and forth with it but it's all in good fun.

USFN: Since you and Chris are both freshmen, do you envision the future?
Yeah, our team is so young. If you think about it, all the freshmen stepping up this year, just think about the years to come. What we can do as a program, as a team, its powerful. I think about it all the time, by the time we get to our senior year, we might be playing for the national championship.

USFN: What do you want for the holidays?
A win, that's all I want, that's all we need. A 9-4 season, not even in high school did we come close to that.  I'm Happy with 8-4 but 9-4 just sounds great to me.

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