USFNation Bowl Q&A: Bulls LB Stephen Nicholas

USF Star linebacker Stephen Nicholas has had a huge impact on the Bull defense for years. See what Snake has to say about USF's upcoming Bowl game vesus East Carolina, and playing his last game as a Bull. Only on!

Stephen Nicholas What have you been doing for the last few weeks?
Stephen Nicholas: Practicing, and practicing, we've been getting ready for East Carolina.

USFN: Has Practice been different with the extra time?
Snake: We‘ve been practicing a lot, and a lot of the reps are going to some of the younger guys, but generally we practice the same, we practice hard.

USFN: What does it mean to you going to your second Bowl game?
Snake: It feels good, I'm proud of it, and I'm excited about it

How important is it to you to get that first bowl victory?
Snake: It would be good for the team's history to get a win, I want to be part of history, I want to be in that game. This is my last shot to be on one of the first teams to win a Bowl game, and that's what I want to do.

USFN: Do you remember anything from the last time you played East Carolina? 
Snake: No history or anything, nothing stands out. We played them and I think we won, but that was then this is a whole other year. 

USFN: How do you think you did this year?
Snake: I had a decent year, I could have gotten a touchdown or something, but it ain't over yet. But I got an interception, two of them, that's something that I never have got in my history here. I was happy to get those, now the only thing I'm waiting on is a touchdown.

USFN: Is scoring a touchdown the only thing you haven't done as a Bull?
Snake: Yes, that's the one thing I need to get. I need to get that!

USFN: What's it going to be like to play your last game as a Bull?
Snake: Yeah that's going to be something, it's going to be powerful, and I'm excited

USFN: How is it going to be playing your last game as a Bull with Pat St. Louis?
Snake: Pat came in with me, and this is going to be the last hurrah for the linebackers, the trio. It's going to be something. We like brothers out there. It's like going away to college, but we're going to another college or something like that. It's going to be something, and it's going to be fun, and exciting too.

USFN: What do you want for the Christmas?
Snake: I want to win the game for one. Christmas wouldn't be to fun if we didn't win the game. 


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