USF Basketball Game Observations: Louisville

USF saw the return of Chris Howard and junior Kentrell Gransberry scored 19 points and had eight rebounds but the Bulls lost their 3rd straight BIG EAST game 81-55 to Louisville Wednesday night in the Sun Dome. Read more game notes and observations from the USFNation staff.


USF vs. Louisville    
Date:       1/10/2007
USF Sundome
Attendance: 4410 

Score by Periods:     1st              2nd              Final 

UL                            27               54             81 
                          19               36             55


Starting Rosters: 

USF (9-8)                                                    UL (11-5) 

Kentrell Gransberry #1 C                             Jerry Smith            #34 G

Solomon Bozeman  #22 G                            David Padgett       #4 F/C

McHugh Mattis      #15 F                              Edgar Sosa           #10 G

Jesus Verdejo        #23 G                             Terrence Williams #1 F

Melvin Buckley      #3 F                                 Brandon Jenkins   #11 G


Shooting Percentage -     UL                  USF     

FG  % -                             52.9%             41.1%
3-pt %
-                            43.3%             33.3%  
Free Throw %
-                77.8%             57.1% 
Points off turnovers:
         28                   10 
Bench Points:
                    16                    2


Game Points: 

1st Half: 

  • Kentrell Gransberry slams the basket hard for two as the play clock was about to expire.
  • McHugh Mattis dishes the ball underneath the basket to Kentrell Granbserry, penetrating Louisville's defense for two.
  •  McHugh Mattis 6'6" blocks Louisville's #4 David Padgett at 6'11" with tremendous authority.
  • Aduma "Amu" Saaka subs in after 15 minute break and is first sub.
  • Chris Howard Marks his return and subs in at the 3:30 mark.
  • Melvin Buckley hits a three at the 11:35 mark to the game 8-12 for Louisville.
  • McHugh Mattis goes to the basket for two after a long cross court pass.
  • McHugh Mattis hits a hook shot over his defender.
  • Solomon Bozeman grabs the loose rebound and passes to Kentrell Gransberry for the lay-up.
  • Adamu "Amu" Saaka gets called for two charging fouls within two minutes.
  • With 1:30 left, Chris Howard dishes the ball to Kentrell Gransberry, who boxed out his defender for two.
  • With 46.7 left, McHugh Mattis steals the ball mid-court, and Jesus Verdejo draws the loose ball foul but misses the one-and-one shot.
  • With 12.2 left, McHugh Mattis drives to the basket and draws the foul as time runs out in the 1st half and makes one shoot out of two.


2nd Half:


  • Same starting rosters as in 1st half for both teams
  • Louisville's three point percentage at 35.7% and foul shot percentage at 80% in the 1st half. USF's three point percentage at 16.7% and foul shot percentage at 57.1%.
  • At 18:12, McHugh Mattis drives to he basket makes shot and draw foul but misses the foul shot.
  • USF cuts the lead to four after a Melvin Buckley three pointer at 17:46 mark, and forces Louisville into calling a timeout after shot.
  • Louisville's full court press causing several USF turnovers.
  • USF calls a timeout after Louisville makes an 8 point run to make the score USF 26 and UL 38.
  • Melvin Buckley hits a three after the timeout.
  • Chris Howard steals the ball but USF doesn't take advantage of the turnover.
  • McHugh Mattis misses a dunk over his defender to give Louisville the ball.
  • Kentrell Gransberry drives in the paint to make the short jumper and draw then foul but misses the fouls shot.
  • Melvin Buckley hits another three-pointer.
  • McHugh Mattis steals the ball, but then turns the ball back over to Louisville.
  • Kentrell Gransberry steals the ball and draws the immediate intentional foul to hit one of two shots.
  • The game ends with the final score USF 55 and UL 81
  • Melvin Buckley goes 5-10 in field goal percentage and 5-10 three-point shots
  • Kentrell Gransberry goes 8-11 in field goal percentage and 3-5 in free throw shots




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