Bulls Close the Deal on Sinclair

This is the one the Bulls would not let get away. Charlton Sinclair has been recruited by USF since last April, now he is proud to call Tampa home. Read on to see what he thought of his visit to South Florida.

Every year there is a recruit that can be used as a measuring stick to gage how well USF has progressed from year's past. This season a good name to use is Charlton Sinclair. Here is a kid who was jumped on early by the USF staff, which the Bulls usually do in the beginning. Then, like always, the big schools started offering. First it was Auburn, then NC State, South Carolina, but this is where the story takes a turn from the usual. Normally at this point USF is an after thought. Not this year.

After months of phone calls, in home visits, unofficial visits and letters, the Bulls got their guy. They finally pulled away from the other major schools and closed the deal. This weekend Charlton Sinclair came to Tampa to see the place he will call home for the next 4 years.

"Oh man, the visit went real good." Adding, "those are all a bunch of down-to-earth people over in Tampa. I had a great weekend. I couldn't believe how cool their team was, the staff, everything."

Hosting Sinclair for the weekend was a former opponent from high school Dylan Douglas.

"I knew Dylan from playing against him. We met again last April and he told me he was at USF. When I heard that we exchanged numbers and we've kept in touch ever since."

Although Sinclair has been on USF's campus a handful of times he says he still wanted to know more about the academic side of things.

"I met with my academic advisor. We talked a lot because I wanted to know that he could help me pick a major. I'm still undecided on what I want to study, so talking to him was a big help."

Sinclair said he rated his visit to South Florida a perfect ten and said USF was his last.

"Man, I'm done (taking visits). I'm happy and I'm sticking with South Florida."

Charlton says he plans to enroll in July and will run track until the end of the school year.

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