Joe Jones: Not Visiting USF This Weekend!

3 star back Joe Jones of South Broward will not be visiting USF this weekend. Jones, the 6-foot 200 pound runningback was one of the best in south Florida this year. Read on to find out why he's not coming in this week, what his plans are, and much more. Only on - Get it First, Get it Fast!

With the spring enrollment of 4-star recruit Mike Ford at USF, plus this week's addition of Tyson Butler, one might wonder how this affects the recruiting of another quality back.  Since October the Bulls have been after Joe Jones of South Broward, the 6-foot 200 pound 3 star back was one of the best in south Florida this year.

As a senior, Jones finished his season with 98 carries for 989 yards and 23 touchdowns. He added 15 receptions for 455 yards and two scores, and he was voted All-Broward County first team, and a berth to the Dade County All-Star Game 

"Yeah it was this past Sunday. We didn't really have good coaching though. We only ran the ball like 5 times the whole game. I got two carries, and Xavier Stinson got 3 carries, and that was it, no more for the whole game.  But I did score on my second touch, so that was good." 

As to grades, Jones has been working hard towards gaining eligibility. 

"I'm doing real good in school, my core is like 2.3, 2.4, and I just got my SAT scores back and I got an 810, so I'm real close." 

What is your visit schedule for the next three weeks? 

"This weekend I'm going up to Temple, and then the week-end after I'm either going to USF or FIU, It'll be one or the other, those are all I have set."

Weren't you planning on visiting USF this weekend? 

"No I got Temple this weekend, I had USF for this weekend but I had too change it." 

Was there a reason for the change of plans? 

"No, reason, but I didn't know that they got two running backs committed, and one back is supposed to be coming named Mike Ford. I was hearing all this so I called the coach, and coach Franks told me straight up what was going on." 

Does this make you lean another way now?

"Oh no, you know there is going to be competition everywhere, and I don't mind competition, I was born and raised for competition." 

Are there other  new school jumping into the picture? 

"Yeah I was just talking to Iowa today, they saw my game film and said they like what they see." 

What Schools are recruiting you the hardest right now? 

"USF, Pitt, Iowa, FAU, FIU, Temple and few others." 

Do you have a Top 3 right now?

"Yeah right now its Temple, USF, FIU, but it's close." 

What coaches do you talk with at USF? 

I was talking to coach Franks, and coach Clark, but coach Clark supposed to transfer to FIU, now he's who I been talking to over there." 

So where does that leave Jones and USF?

"I'm just weighing all my options right now." 

Are you still trying to reschedule a USF visit then?

"Yeah I'm trying to set it up for either the 26th, or the first week in February, I should know by Monday" 

Stay tuned with as we follow Jones through the next three crucial weeks up through signing day!


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