Corian Garrison: USF & WV in Two-team Race

Signing day is less then a week away, and the Bulls are still in contention for All-State DT Corian Garrison from Bradford HS. The 6-4 295 pound defensive tackle said his choice is between USF and West Virginia. Read on to find out what the determining factors are, and more. Only on! Get It First, Get it Fast!

Corian Garrison , the 6-4 295 pound defensive tackle from Bradford HS has been on the Bulls radar for some time now. After he was named first team All-State and recently played in the North Florida Shrine Bowl, there little to wonder why. 

"Things are going all right, just been concentrating on school, staying in shape." 

After an injury suffered in his junior season, he came back strong this year recording 45 tackles, 4 sacks, seven tackles for loss, with one forced fumble, and a fumble recovery on the season.  

There were many schools perusing Garrison, but he says that its still a two-school race between South Florida and Big East rival West Virginia

"Everything is the same, it's between West Virginia and South Florida." 

Garrison already had official visits to both schools, West Virginia on Dec. 8th and USF on Jan.12th, and said he enjoyed both visits. He also says he not taking any more visits this upcoming weekend, and it's down to those two schools. 

What do you like about West Virginia?

"With West Virginia, Coach Castil says I could come in and probably get playing time next year." 

What do you like about USF?

"South Florida, their close to home and I like the program, it's up and coming, but they say I'll probably have to red shirt." 

Garrison said he was aware of both the Mountaineers and the Bulls depth charts, and their needs at the position. 

"I was looking at both depth charts, and USF has 5 returning, and West Virginia has 4." 

I asked Garrison if the depth chart and chance to play early make a big difference in his decision. 

"In a way, but it really wouldn't matter. Playing time is important, but academics are important to me too." 

Garrison also said that he prefers the 4-3 alignment that the Bulls run over the 3-3-5 Stack that WV uses, but can play in either scheme. 

Showing some versatility. Garrison has also played on the offensive side of the ball,  at times lining up at fullback and tight end, and several scouts think he could play on the O-line at the college level as well. 

As to grades Garrison says that he has already taken the ACT and got a qualifying score, but will take it again in February to make sure he gets eligible. 

"I'm just concentrating on school now"

With less then a week until signing day when will Garrison announce his decision? 

"I'll probably announce my decision on signing day."

Stay tuned with, as we follow Garrison through to Signing Day!


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