USF Among Favorites for Patrick Grant

Patrick Grant, the #22 ranked strong-side linebacker nationally, took an official visit to USF this weekend. The talented 3 star prospect talks about his visit, and where he stands now. Read this exclusive interview to get the whole story. Only on - Get it First Get it Fast!

Since former Nebraska commit Patrick Grant, opened up his recruitment, he has become one of the more sought after defensive prospects in Florida over the last month. The 3 star prospect who is the #22 nationally ranked strong-side linebacker has been recruited by Ohio State, Louisville, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, and just took an official visit to USF this past weekend.

"I really enjoyed the visit, I liked the environment, the people, and especially the warm weather." 

The talented 6 foot 4, 215 pound SLB/DE prospect out of Boyd Anderson HS, in Lauderdale Lakes has had a busy month, almost didn't make the trip this weekend, but is glad he did. 

"If my mother didn't go, I wasn't going to go on the visit. She decided to come up here with me, and I saw a lot of stuff that I didn't expect." 

Grant who runs a 4.51-40 finished the season with 13 sacks, 68 tackles, 1 forced fumble and a fumble recovery. After the season, he visited Louisville and Iowa, but said after his latest visit to USF things have changed. 

"After this weekend, my top 3 choices are Iowa, Louisville, and USF. The one thing USF beats the other schools with is the weather." 

Grant was hosted by Bulls offensive lineman Marc Dile, and got a chance to see all the many things that USF had to offer. 

"I met a lot of players. I went to the dorms and saw what they looked like. Another thing was their focus on academics, I found that very interesting, and that's a very good thing.

My favorite part of the visit was meeting the players, we got along, and that was a big plus right there. 

Patrick also got to attend the Bulls thrilling upset victory over Notre Dame Saturday Night. 

"That was a very good game, I don't really follow their basketball very much, but they don't have much of a winning program, and for them twin a big game against a ranked team like Notre Dame that's a big win for their program. 

I asked Patrick, what was the one thing he learned during his USF visit that he didn't already know about the school. 

"The facilities, I didn't know how nice they were. That got me going, it really impressed me. Before my visit I didn't really take USF seriously at all, I was going just to go, I didn't have any real interest in them, but now I'm happy that I went, because now I have a big interest in them." 

Patrick said that he met with most of the USF coaches, but said he spent a lot of time with Coach Leavitt. 

"I spoke a lot with coach Leavitt, he's a very good person right there. He's very out going, easy to talk to, a bit crazy, but in a good way." 

After his USF visit is Grant ready to name a new favorite? 

"Right now, Iowa and USF are my top two, and Louisville rounds out my top 3." 

Grant who already visited Iowa on Jan.19th discussed what he liked about the Cyclones. 

"With Iowa, I like their defense, the type of scheme they run, and they have a good program. They didn't do too hot last year, but not every tam wins all they're games every year. Everybody knows how strong of a program they have." 

Grant said both schools are recruiting him as either a Will linebacker or stand up D-end, said there is a difference in the defenses both schools run. 

"Iowa runs a more of a laid back defense, but with USF their defense scheme is basically speed, speed, speed. Their lead tackler on the field is basically a defensive end if you want to get technical about it. Everything with USF is so much faster." 

What is the most important thing in making your decision? 

"Family, and how they feel too, it's basically me, but they have a big part in it. Also the convenience, and what school fits me best." 

With  Iowa and  USF being his top two, does  he lean to either school  or are both schools even for the talented prospect?

"Well right now my lean is USF" 

Grant said he wasn't ready to announce a decision yet

"I visited Iowa two weeks ago, and USF is still fresh because I just came from there right now, but I'll  announce my decision Wednesday."   


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