USF Recruiting: Who's Hot and Who's Cold 2/6

There's just a day left until signing day, and the Bulls still have a few prospects that they hope sign with USF on Wednesday. has updated our a list of who is HOT and who is COLD on the recruiting board for the last time. Find out what recruits USF is still after, and who has slipped off the board. Updated 02/06/07 Get informed on! - Get It First, Get it Fast!

With only one day left until signing day, and only a couple of slots leftl,  the Bulls still have a few HOT prospects that they hope sign with USF on Wednesday. has updated our a list of who is HOT and who is COLD on the recruiting board. find out where the main recruits currently stand in regards to USF. Who the Bulls are recruiting the hardest and who has slipped off the board.  Updated 02/06/07! Get informed, only on!

This is not a scientific study, just a well-thought out compilation by the staff at and we encourage your opinions as well.


Bulls Prospect List



Jatavious Jackson OG 6-4/270         (Glades Central HS) A.J. Guyton WR 5-10/185/4.54 (Homestead Senior HS)
Patrick Grant LB 6-4/195/4.70  (Boyd H. Anderson HS) Micah Grimes OT 6-5/285         (Fort Meade HS)
Corian Garrison DT 6-4/290
(Bradford HS)
Travaris Cadet QB/WR 6-0½/197/4.63   (Miami Central)
Thomas Edenfield OT 6-6/295
(Bartram Trail HS
Jamar Taylor RB 5-10/205 (Lakeland Senior HS)
Michael Taylor K 5-10/180      (Washington Senior HS) Darius Jackson S 5-10/180/4.40 (East Gadsden HS)
  Donnell Golden RB/LB 6-2/ 215 (Brooks County Georgia)
  Rudell Crim   CB 5-11/188/4.62  (James Rickards HS)  
  Curtis Bryant DT 6-2/270/5.00  (South Miami Senior HS)
  DeMario Ambrose DE 6-4/240  (W P Davidson HS, AL)
  Rudell Small RB 5-10/200          (Trinity Catholic)
  Ronnie Thornton LB 6-2/210/4.70 (Miami Killian HS)

Antonio Allen FS 6-2/190/4.5     (Trinity Catholic)

  Tremaine McKenzie S 6-0/195 (Bradenton Academy)
  Gordon Warner RB 5-10/175/4.50 (Miami Central HS)    
  Chacon Lee   RB 5-11/195/4.45 (Miami Edison HS)
  Chris Leon OG 6-3/285        (Lincoln HS) 


On The Fence

Mike McGowan     TE 6-4/230/4.80   (West Boca Raton HS)
Joe Jones              RB 6-0/200/4.50    (South Broward HS)
Keith McCaskill     DE 6-2. 5/220/4.8  (Amos P. Godby)
Chris Summers   WR 6-5/200          (Jean Ribault HS)
Alphonso Bruton  DB 6-2/198/4.60   (Miami Killian HS)
Rene Perry             DT 5-10/260/4.90 (Columbia HS) 
Rickey Anderson   RB 6-0/195/4.50   (Cape Coral HS)
Junior Petit-Jean  CB 6-0/190/4.50   (Naples HS) 


Full USF Commit list

Recent Commits 

Kavenski McGee   TE 6-3/245 (Pahokee HS)
Patrick Hampton  DE 6-3/215           (King HS)
Robert Marve QB 6-2/190/4.70        (Plant HS)
Jake Lanefski       OG  6-5/265  (McGill-Toolen HS)
Chance Raines   C 6-1.5/270/5.11    (Bolles School) - Wake Forest
Dion Lecorn      WR  6-0/205/4.4   (Trinity HS)- South Carolina
Moses Jenkins   CB 6-1/175/4.50 (Boyd H. Anderson HS) - Florida
Josh Miller          WR 6-2/180/4.50 (Palatka HS) - Louisville 
Aaron Gresham  LB 6-1/215/4.60 (Lafayette HS) - FSU
Linval Joseph        OT 6-6/310/5.10 (Santa Fe HS) - ECU
Tyson Butler         RB/CB 5-11/175/4.40 (Cypress Lake HS)- USF  
Dontavia Bogan    WR/ATH   6-1/187 ( Thomas County Central) -USF
Juwan Franklin     RB/CB 6-0/185     (Dunellon HS) - Arizona
Kevin Dixon         DT 6-4/275 (Garden City) - Nebraska
Calvin Sutton            LB 5-11/215/4.60 (Deland HS) - USF
Mike Ford                RB 6-2/220 (Hargrave) - USF 
Latravis Washington  S 6-2/200 (Bayshore HS) - Nebraska
Terrell McClain      DE 6-2/265   (Pensacola HS) - USF 
Elvis Fisher            OT 6-4.5/310/5.21 (St.Petersburg Catholic) - Missouri
Xavier Lamb       LB 5-11/215/4.70 (Lincoln HS) - Troy
Shukree Barfield  DT 6-4/310 (Garden City) - Nebraska
Mat Williams        TE 6-4/220/4.80 (Riverdale HS) - South Carolina
Greg Williams       RB 6-2/200/4.50 (Baron Collier HS) - Pittsburgh
Mike Greco           QB 6-4/225  (Pearl River Community) - UCF


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