Answering Questions 1-3

USFNation came up with the 10 burning questions going into the 2006 season. Now we get to answer them. Read on and find out how unexpected things played out last season.

1. Can Pat Julmiste put the past two seasons behind him and have a solid senior year?

Pat never got the chance to truly answer this question. When he went down in the beginning of the year to an injury, there was a feeling that was his last game as the starter for the Bulls. Everybody knew Matt Grothe was waiting to take over, nobody knew it would be so soon and that he would put up one of the best freshman performances in the nation.

With all of Grothe's success a lot of the credit still goes to Julmiste. Im sure even Matt will admit that. Pat is the one who taught him to have a great work ethic, how to be a leader on and off the field and he was the one to help him through rough times. Not many athletes have the character of a Pat Julmiste.

2. Who will fill the shoes of Andre Hall?

Certainly not another running back. Matt Grothe rushed for 200 yards more than Ben Williams (USF's leading rusher), showing how much of a gapping hole Andre Hall left in the Bull's running attack. That being said, USF's offense was much better than the year before due to several factors. The maturation of young receivers, the emergence of Grothe and significantly less dropped balls from wide-outs and tight ends.

The running back position was by far the most disappointing position of the season. With the injuries early on to Plancher and a suspension to Ponton, what was once the staple of the Bulls offense virtually was non-existent.

3. Will Amp Hill and Amarri Jackson have breakout seasons?

Not exactly, but there were two others who did. Ean Randolph and Taurus Johnson, catching 49 and 37 passes respectively. Randolph was on fire early in the season, showing Dante Hall like moves on punt returns and screen passes. Where as Taurus Johnson proved to be the deep threat South Florida had been lacking.

Amarri Jackson had a solid year, just not what one would consider a "breakout" type season. He improved on his drops and looks to be headed in the right direction. Same with Amp Hill, it was his first full season with USF and he didn't seem to get into the flow till late. Most fans will remember Hill's infamous dropped two point conversion against Rutgers, but he also had 19 catches and two touchdowns.

Stay tuned with USFNation.con as we answer the next set of questions in the next few days.

Top 10 Questions to be Answered This Season - Aug. 21, 2006

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