Is Tackle Chaz Hine Going To Walk This Way?

All-State offensive lineman Chaz Hine has been offered to be a preferred walk on with the Bulls. Local reports have speculated that the Newsome High star tackle has accepted the Bulls offer, but thats not quite the case. Read this exclusive interview to see what the Big Man has too say. Only on - Get it first Get it Fast!

Reports have speculated that Newsome High School Tackle Chaz Hine has accepted the Bulls offer to come to South Florida as a preferred walk on. However that's not the case just yet. 

"No, I haven't decided where I'm going just yet."

Hine already has offers from Southern Illinois, Charleston Southern, and the Citadel, but would like to stay instate. Has received more interest the past week.

 "FIU and Arkansas State just got in contact with me the night before last. They had no idea that I was alive, and they are looking for good lineman."

"Florida International has one spot left, and Arkansas State is already full, but if they over sign any guys it's going to be the o-line. I sent them my tapes and they should get back to me either tomorrow or the next day after they evaluate them.

" I wouldn't mind going to either one of those, but I know FIU had a complete coaching change, so I'd have to think about it a couple of days." If Florida Atlantic offered I'd go there, Coach Shnelenberger is a great coach."

Hine, 6'4-298 pounds play this season was good enough to be named to class 4A All-State second team, and also the Tribune's All-Hillsborough County first-team. Also has been offered by many D-1 schools to be a preferred walk on, including the Bulls.

"USF, Florida Atlantic, and UCF all want me to walk on, but if I walk on to any of them it will be USF. Because it's the closest to home, and USF is probably the best out of those, well it is the best out of those." 

Hine has been following the Bulls all season, attending several games, and practices, and has hoped to get an offer from the Bulls. 

"I don't know why USF didn't offer me, I was told that my feet weren't quick enough. Supposedly they looking for tackles that aren't necessarily big guys or strong, but quick and can put weight on." 

"There's been a lot more interest from schools lately, I wish it would have happened awhile ago, but better late then never I guess. I didn't send out a junior tape and that might have been my problem" 

Hine, who carries a 4.0 GPA and a 1300 SAT score, says if he walks on he can get a 100% Bright Futures scholarship, and can get can earn extra scholarship money off of the internet. 

" I asked Coach Simmonds the new o-line coach, and he told me typically if you walk on, you have to start a year before they offer them."  

Will the Mammoth offensive lineman accept the Bulls offer to come on as a preferred walk-on this summer?

"I'm considering walking on to USF, but, Florida Atlantic may yet call and offer me so I'm waiting for them, if they offer me I think I'll go there." 

"I want to make a decision as soon as possible but I can't really make one right now".

Stay tuned with as we keep you up to date with what develops with Chaz over the next few weeks. .


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