Is Donte Spires LOI to USF Official?

Is the last bit of Signing Day drama over?. Donte Spires, the 3 star LB from Pearl River sent in his LOI, but it was missing his guardian's signature and was considered incomplete. Why is this a concern? Because sometimes a guardian won't sign off. Read on to find out what happened. only on! Get It First, Get it

What would Signing Day be without some drama? On Wednesday Pearl River's Donte Spires sent in his LOI to USF, but it was missing his guardian's signature and was considered incomplete. Why is this a concern? Because sometimes a guardian doesn't want their child to go to that school and won't sign off.

In 2005 four-star LB Geno Hayes of Madison was a lock to go to Tennessee, but switched to FSU at the last minute. When it came down to signing day he signed, but his mother wouldn't. It took over 3 hours for the coaches to get her to sign, and now he's a stud for the Noles.

Not to worry Bull fans, this time it was just a matter of logistics. The USF staff has received Donte' completed LOI with his guardian signature, and now it's OFFICIAL. He will be a Bull after this last semester at Pearl.

"South Florida recruited me from the very beginning, and I was always set on coming back to USF."

Spires was a top prospect out of Tampa in '05 recording 132 tackles as a senior, including 101 solos, 11 stops for loss, including two sacks, he then spent the last two years at Pearl river CC where he starred at linebacker recording 135 tackles, six sacks and around 10 pass breakups.

"He was the leading tackler on our team by far, and the 4th leading tackler in the state. Said coach Tim Hatten, "Also were pretty strict on how we handle our tackles, and a lot of schools aren't like that"

Spires, 6'2-230 pounds is fast, running a 4.5-40, strong, and also has a bit of a mean streak to him, and there were many teams inquiring about the 3-star prospect.

"We had a lot of inquiries about him in terms of other schools, but we wanted to make sure we got him back to coach Leavitt. Donte had the ability to play anywhere he wanted, he's a great player, and the Bulls did a great job recruiting him out of high school, getting him placed, and of course getting him back to USF. It shows what a community college can do for you. Our guys did a good job getting him school, and getting him out on time, and I think he'll be a great player for USF".

Spires was a star coming out of Plant and has continued to improve his game while at Pearl River.

"He's the type of player that can play in space, he can play in traffic, and he has great athletic ability. Said Hatten, "He is a player, he's real fast, and he's not just fast, but very strong as well. Another thing is his incredible work ethic, a very hard working kid. He's not a kid that's not going to get into trouble, and he's going to do all the right things.

There was a lot of attention at Pearl River this year with many players going on to D1 programs.

"We had 11 D1 signee's this past semester, and Donte is better then any of them, and he certainly has a chance to play NFL"

With the loss of Nicholas and St. Louis it is good the staff is bringing in someone with experience to help ease the transition. Spires is expected to play right away.

"He's excited to get to USF, and he's excited to get back to the sunshine state. He's enjoyed his time here, but is ready to play at a higher level."

Check back with as we have a full post Signing Day Q & A with Donte.

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