Answering 10 Burning Questions: 7-10

USFNation came up with the 10 burning questions going into the 2006 season. Now we get to answer them. Read on and find out how unexpected things played out last season.

7. Will the offense be more balanced this year?

Another odd answer. The offense was unbalanced, except on the other end of the spectrum. Instead of only being able rush, this year's team could only get it done through the air. There were a couple games where the holes were so big the average fan could have rushed for a 3.5 yard average, but for the most part the run was only used to make the play action more effective. When Matt Grothe is getting close to 18 attempts per game and is the leading rusher by 200 yards its safe to say the running game was nearly non-existent.

Have no fear, Mike Ford is here! Finally it looks like USF has the pieces in place to put together a balanced attack. With Ford toting the rock, it will open up the deep ball for Grothe, all the while making the times that he does run, that much more effective. This year teams won't be game planning on how to shut down Grothe's scrambles. There will be much more for the opposing teams to worry about.

8. Will all the off-the-field issues carry over to the regular season?

It's a good thing the offseason was no indication of things to come during the season. It seems like the staff did a good job of letting the team know that if a player steps out of line he will pay. Of course the season didn't go without incident. Both Jackie Chambers and Thed Watson were excused from the team before the final game. However, these were minor incidents compared to the arrests, drug suspensions and failing grades that went on in the offseason. Already this year things have started to heat up with Josh Julmiste being booted just a weeks before spring practice opens. This questions will probably pop-up again in our next edition of "10 burning questions before spring drills".

9. Is this the year the Bulls will breakout and prove to be legitimate contenders on a national level?

Not exactly, but close. If South Florida would have beat the teams it should have, for example Kansas, Cinci and even Rutgers at home then they would have gotten far more recognition. Sure they got a lot of national pub for beating WVU on the road, but for the media outside of Florida to look at them as something other than another up-and-comer the Bulls need to start beating the teams they are supposed to. When they start rolling over the weaker opponents on a regular basis and getting at least two wins out of three a year against Pitt, WVU and Louisville, then the ESPN's of the world will hop on the bandwagon. An upset win a year isn't bad, just not good enough to bump them up a tier in the college football world.

10. Can South Florida land "the big one" in recruiting?

Technically they did it. The Bulls landed 4 star runningback Mike Ford. Even though he was the one that came to them, in the end it doesn't matter as long as it gets done. Last year USF lost out on Javarris James and Daron Rose, but they weren't nearly as close to those two as they were to getting guys like Robert Marve and Patrick Grant. Each year there is a vast improvement in recruiting. Each year its clear USF is climbing the latter in terms of recruiting clout. Already this year there are top 100 juniors that have USF in the top 3 or top 5. Last year it was rare, two years ago it was absolutely unheard of. '08 is going to be something special if the staff can keep up the momentum from the past two years.

Mike Ford

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