USFNation Class of '07 Q&A: Darren Powe

In todays exclusive USF Class of '07 interview, find out about one of the Bulls best kept secrets, Darren Powe from Lafyette HS. Read on to find out about the All-State defensive end, what type of a player he is, and more. Only on! Get it First, Get it Fast!

Darren Powe Profile Why did you choose USF?
Darren Powe: They were an up and coming program, I liked that and wanted to be part of it.

USFN: Have you been following the Bulls this season?
Powe: Yeah I caught some games TV, and went to game.

USFN: How long have the Bulls been recruiting you, and who were involved?
Powe: They started recruiting me since last spring.  Mostly coach Gregory, and I met the other coaches on my visit

USFN: Which coach made the biggest impression on you during your recruitment?
Powe:  I can't remember his last name right now, I think Wally (Burnham) the Defensive coordinator, I liked him

USFN: Do you know any of the current players on the Bulls?
Powe: Yeah , I know Amarri Jackson, Josh Smiley, a few others  

USFN: What type of a defense do you like to run the most?
Powe: It doesn't really make a difference, I play the same.

USFN: What type of offense do you like to see when you get to the line?
Powe: I guess the I- formation, but it doesn't really matter.

What is your favorite play  to run?
Powe:  This play called red dog, where the defensive end drops back into coverage. I liked that type of a play

USFN: What is your favorite move?
Powe: I like to use my swim move.

USFN: What position are the Bulls recruiting you for, and do you play any other positions?
Powe: There recruiting me for defensive end, but I also play tight end

USFN: What side do you prefer?
Powe: I like the right side, I can play either but I'm left handed so I like the right.

USFN: Are you flexible, and willing to play at a position of need and excel at it?
Powe:  I'll play where ever they need me.

USFN: What are some of your strengths as a player? 
Powe:  My speed, and  my burst, technique 

USFN: Is there anything you want to work on? 
Powe:  There's always something to work on, got to keep getting better.

USFN: Is there a player on another level, college or pro that you model your game after?
Powe:  Jevon Kearse, I love the way he plays. 

USFN: What are your current height, weight and 40 yard time?
Powe:  Right now I'm 6'3, 235 pounds, I run a 4.8.  I was probably closer to 240 during the season. 

USFN: Do you play any other sports?
Powe: I play basketball.

USFN: What are you going to do to stay in shape before you get to Campus?
Powe:  I'm just going to continue to do my work outs, lift and run. 

USFN: Do they have any problems redshirting? 
Powe:  No sir, no problem at all

USFN: Do you enjoy playing special teams?
Powe:  I have no problems playing special teams .

USFN: What do they plan to accomplish while here at USF?
Powe: I want to get a degree in business, and i want to be the best that I can be, and try and be known.

USFN: What three things come to your head when I say USF?
Powe: Football, opportunity, big things.

USFN: What team are they most looking forward to playing against in the next 4 years?
Powe:  The Gators, Florida, I can't wait for that game. .

USFN: How are your grades, how are you toward qualifying.
Powe: I'm pretty good grades wise, I got a 3.0 GPA and scored a 21 on my ACT and am already qualified..

USFN: Are you excited to get to campus?
Powe: Yes sir, I'm ready.

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