USFNation Class of '07 Q&A: Patrick Hampton

In todays exclusive USF Class of '07 interview, find out about Patrick "The Hit man" Hampton from King HS, in Georgia. Read on to find out about the All-State defensive end/linebacker, what type of a player he is, what his favorite thing to do on the football field is and so much more. Only on! Get it First, Get it Fast!

Patrick Hampton Profile Are you glad that  all the Signing Day hype is finally over?
Patrick Hampton: Yeah I'm relieved and happy, I'm going to be part of something that is going to be big,  I'm real excited to get things started.

USFN: Why did you choose USF?
Hampton: Really it came down to USF and Auburn, and when I went down to South Florida I fell in love. 

USFN: What are some of the things that you like about USF?
Hampton: The campus is beautiful and big, everything I like in a campus, sunny days, the city itself there is a lot going on. 

USFN: Have you been following the Bulls this season?
Hampton:  Yeah, I watched every game that came on TV up her, and  I watched the bowl game they looked real good. 

USFN: How long have the Bulls been recruiting you, and who were involved?
Hampton:   They been recruited me since spring of last year. Coach Gregory mainly, and Coach Leavitt. 

USFN: Which coach made the biggest impression on you during your recruitment?
Hampton:  All the coaches, but when I first met coach Leavitt, after I introduced myself, he was like, oh your Patrick, your the one that coach Gregory has been talking about. He was all smiling, and energetic, I wasn't expecting it.

USFN: Do you know any of the current players on the Bulls?
Hampton I met a couple of the guys when I was on my visit. I hung out with a lot of freshmen and sophomores, I got to meet a few. 

USFN: What position are the Bulls recruiting you for, and do you play any other positions?
Hampton They're recruiting me for linebacker/ defensive end. For the last two years I've been playing defensive end/linebacker. My sophomore year I played defensive tackle.

USFN: Are you flexible, and willing to play at a position of need and excel at it?
Hampton: Yeah, I mean me going down there and learning how they play, learning how they do everything, is going to change how I'll play  anyway, so me learning a position is going to be like anything else I play middle, outside, I'll play anywhere you put me, 

USFN: What type of a defense do you like to run the most?
Hampton: In my high school we played a 5-2, but coming to a 4-3 defense it's going to be different but its just part of a new school a new system, its just something that you got to learn. 

USFN: What type of offense do you like to see when you get to the line?
Hampton: In high school we faced a lot of the wing T, but I don't expect to face it a lot in college.

USFN: What is your favorite move?
Hampton:  At defensive end, I'm quicker then the offensive lineman, every offensive lineman that I went against I can do anything I try so. Either I'll go in with my burst, or a spin, or a juke, I'm kind of agile. 

USFN: Do have a favorite play that you like to run?
Hampton: At defensive end, I like coming in from the weak side defensive end, and get a pass rush on from the outside, what ever down it is. Whether its nine yards or goal line, just get a pass rush on. That's how I got most of my sacks, just use my speed.   

USFN: What are some of your strengths as a player? 
Hampton: My confidence really, in my sophomore year when I first started playing varsity, it was about me gaining my confidence. As long as I keep  my confidence as I'm learning new things, I'm going to be a good football player. I'm confident that anything that I put my mind to I can do. 

USFN: Is there anything you want to work on? 
Hampton: I want to work on my speed. Right now I'm running track, trying to work on my speed. If I'm going to play linebacker or end I want to work on my speed. That and gaining a little weight. If I'm going to come down there, i like to be a little bit faster and a little bit bigger.

USFN: What style of a player would you say you are?
Hampton: I like to get the crowd going, I'm the type that goes to the sidelines and get the crowd up. I like to make the big plays,  deliver the big hit, the kind that makes the crowd go ooohh. The kind that you know its about to happen before it does. I'm the big pause before the tackle, I'm "The Hit man" of my school.

USFN: What is the perfect play to you?
Hampton: The perfect play to me would be coming out on a blitz from the linebacker position and having the kill shot on the running back, and delivering it.. I did that one time before a camp once, I was coming in on a blitz and hit the running back and made him do a 360 in the air, I didn't get it on tape but everybody was talking about the hit. That's perfect to me, one thing I'll never forget.

USFN: What is your favorite  thing to do on the field?
Hampton: I wasn't  going for stats this year, I really wanted to get 100 tackles, so when they came to me about playing  linebacker, I said I'm just going to do what I do. Everybody in my school, the neighborhood knows for me to make the play. Any time the defense need me, I made the play, They needed a fumble, I forced the fumble like clockwork. They needed a sack on 4th and 3, I made the sack. When it comes down to doing what needs to be done, I do it.  

USFN: Is there a player on another level, college or pro that you model your game after?
Hampton: I don't watch a lot of pro football, but I'd probably have to say like a Sean Taylor. He plays defensive end/linebacker on the pro level. Him or Julian Peterson have similar builds, and style of play that I do.

USFN: What are your current height, weight and 40 yard time?
Hampton: I'm 6'3, and I weigh 220 pounds. I run a 4.7 but I'm trying to work on that going sideline to sideline isn't going to cut it.

USFN: Do you play any other sports?
Hampton:: Track, and I play a little basketball for fun, I play a lot of sports just for fun. basketball, baseball anything. the coach wants me to throw shot put, throw everything. but I want to run and work on my speed.

USFN: What are you going to do to stay in shape before you get to Campus?
Hampton: Keep running track keep lifting, and stay on the manual that the USF coaches gave me. i started on that the day after I got it. 

USFN: Do they have any problems redshirting? 
Hampton: I don't have any problems with it. When I was down there, most the players that I talked to said they like the idea of being redshirted the first year, and getting used to everything. But if I can go down there and try and play, I'm going to try and play, and do what I can do to the best of my ability, and if I can make the second team, then I won't redshirt, but if I don't then I have no problem with it, I'm just going to do the best that I can. .

USFN: Do you enjoy playing special teams, and do you return kicks? 
Hampton: Yeah I  played everything on special teams that there was, the only time I got off the field was for offense. On kick off coverage, I do a little thing to get the crowd or hyped up, jump up and down, get everybody ready. I love special teams, get more tackles, you get to run down full speed and I made a lot of big plays on special teams. 

USFN: What do they plan to accomplish while here at USF?
Hampton: I want to be better then everybody before me. When I first started playing varsity, I wanted to be better then the two seeds in front of me, and that's want I to do at South Florida, is be as good as or better then who's in front of me. I want to get my education , and hopefully the NFL after.

USFN: What three things come to your head when I say USF?
Hampton: Beautiful, sunny, and football.

USFN: What team are they most looking forward to playing against in the next 4 years?
Hampton:  West Virginia, every day, every time, its on the schedule, West Virginia, I want to tackle Steve Slaton and  Pat White.  I see him on TV so much that it'll be like I want to hit him, hurt him. 

USFN: How are your grades, how are you toward qualifying.
Hampton:  I'm doing fine for high school, I'm only taking one core class right now and it's math, and I love math. I have a 3.3 GPA, and scored a 1310 on the SAT, and I'm ready for college.

USFN: Are you excited to get to campus?
Hampton:  Yeah I'm excited to get back down there, one weekend was not enough. I'm going to try and come down there during the spring.

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