USFNation Class of '07 Q&A: Kavenski McGee

In todays exclusive USF Class of '07 interview, find out about Kavenski McGee from Pahokee HS, in Belle Glade, FL. Find out about the MVP of the Class 2B state championship game. Find out what type of a player he is, what his strength are and what he wants to accomplish at USF, and more. Only on! Get it First, Get it Fast!

Kavenski McGee Profile Are you glad that  all the Signing Day hype is finally over?
Kavenski McGee: Yeah I'm glad,  it was a lot of pressure. Now I can concentrate on getting there.

USFN: Why did you choose USF?
McGee: The main reason I chose them was their focus on academics. Their percentage, They had a lot of people graduate, and I didn't know that about them at first. That's the most important thing to me right now. If I can get all my academics straight early, I won't have to worry about it in later years. 

USFN: What are some of the things that you like about USF?
McGee: The campus there is beautiful and the facilities were incredible, the strength and conditioning room was big. USF is a perfect place for me, really perfect place. I have a chance to play, I like the location, the area everything."

USFN: Have you been following the Bulls this season?
McGee:  Yeah, I  went to a game, and watched them every chance I could.

USFN: How long have the Bulls been recruiting you, and who were involved?
McGee:  They been recruited me since last year. Coach Scott, coach Simmonds, and coach Leavitt. 

USFN: Which coach made the biggest impression on you during your recruitment?
McGee:  The one who made the biggest impression on me was head coach Jim Leavitt, from the minute I first met him, I liked him

USFN: Do you know any of the current players on the Bulls?
McGee: Yeah I know Aston SamuelsJessie Hester Jr. I've played against them, and we were friends off the field too, we're real close down here. It's hard not too being from this area.

USFN: What position are the Bulls recruiting you for, and do you play any other positions?
McGee: They're recruiting me for tight end, but they also call it I think Y-back or something like that. It's like a tight end, but it's where I'll motion  a lot to either a wing-back or  to a  slot receiver, or line up in the backfield for an option. I also played running back and some defensive end, I had 8 sacks and like 37 tackles in my sophomore year, but I didn't play DE much this year.

USFN: Are you flexible, and willing to play at a position of need and excel at it?
McGee: Yeah, I'm very flexible, I'm ready. That's the first thing I said to coach Leavitt, wherever you want me to play, I'll play it. 

USFN: What type of a offense do you like to run the most?
McGee: Me personally, I like to play in the spread offense with 3 receivers and two tight ends. In my high school that's what we played 

USFN: What type of defense do you like to see when you get to the line?
McGee: In high school we faced a lot of the 4-3 cover defenses, and zone defense. I love to face a man to man defense, because I know I can't be covered one on one. 

USFN: What is your favorite move?
McGee:  I just like to get up field. 

USFN: Do have a favorite play that you like to run?
McGee: In high school we ran a tight end reverse, which i loved but when we lost our top running back we stopped running the play. Me I like to run the option, I love the option play.

USFN: What are some of your strengths as a player? 
McGee: My strength is my motivation, I feed off of negative stuff, when people try and put me down, I'll try even harder. Before this year, a lot of people said I wasn't going to be able to play my senior year because my grades wee so bad, but then worked real hard in the class room and proved everybody wrong. I used it as motivation and had an impact season.  My physical strengths are my size and speed, my ability to block and my ability to catch the ball, I have real soft hands, and I like to hit also.

USFN: Is there anything you want to work on? 
McGee: I want to work on my upper body strength. and my agility, I'm been using the hand book that USF gave me.  

USFN: What style of a player would you say you are?
McGee: I don't know exactly what you mean by that, but I'd say I'm an impact player. It's hard for a linebacker to cover me one on one unless he really drops back. and if I go against a corner, its hard for them to bring me down.

USFN: What is the perfect play to you?
McGee: I love running off of the play action from a two tight end set, with the other TE running a corner route, and me running the hot option, I scored a few times off that play. 

USFN: What is your favorite  thing to do on the field?
McGee: I like to catch the ball,  I got great hands, But I like also like delivering the big hit to spring the running back, most our scores were off of my side. I would tell them to run hard because I'll get that block for you, I'm a good blocker, and can open lanes. 

USFN: Is there a player on another level, college or pro that you model your game after?
McGee: College wise I 'd have to say Chris Leak, he's a big time pressure player. In the Pro's, I'd say Steve Smith he's amazing.

USFN: What are your current height, weight and 40 yard time?
McGee: I'm 6'3, and I dropped a few pounds and weigh 242 pounds right now, I been running track. My fastest 40 time was a 4.45, If I run on a track, I probably run like a 4.41.

USFN: Do you play any other sports?
McGee: I run track, and I'll probably run the 4x100, and the 200. It's amazing to me, because I'm the only big guy in the county that runs sprints, everybody else are these small skinny boys. It's funny to me. I also play baseball, basketball, all sports. 

USFN: What are you going to do to stay in shape before you get to Campus?
McGee: Keep running track, I can't slack, I'll run and lift, and work on all my drills. 

USFN: Do they have any problems redshirting? 
McGee: No not really, because its' my first year, and I want to get to know everything, I mainly want to learn all the plays and the offense. So I have no problem with redshirting, but I'm going to try my hardest not to.

USFN: Do you enjoy playing special teams, and do you return kicks? 
McGee: I was on kick off, but they stopped using me, because they didn't want to risk me getting hurt. 

USFN: What do they plan to accomplish while here at USF?
McGee: The main thing I want to do is focus on my academics, because when I was high school early on. I really slacked on my academics, and really want to focus on that. I also told coach I want to come in and make plays and win the Big East championship.

USFN: What three things come to your head when I say USF?
McGee: Amazing, up and coming football program,  and big things coming, future championship..

USFN: What team are they most looking forward to playing against in the next 4 years?
McGee:  I'm really looking to playing Auburn next year, because a Belle Glade player that I know is going there, and it should be good. i want to play them , LSU and West Virginia.

USFN: How are your grades, how are you toward qualifying.
McGee:  I've improved my grades, I got a 2.6 core now, and I'm waiting for my test scores, I think I did good I had a tutor and everything for the last time I took it. I need like a 64 on it. 

USFN: Are you excited to get to campus?
McGee:  Oh yeah I'm ready, I told coach that I want to do big things there, and I want to be Big East freshmen of the year.

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