USF Player Spotlight: Tight End Cedric Hill

USF graduated two senior tight ends this past year, and the TE position is one that the Bulls are looking to utilize in 2007. The staff is looking at Junior TE Cedric Hill as a player that could fill that role. Read this exclusive interview and find out what gains he has made this off-season, and what his goals are for this spring. Only on Get it First, Get it Fast!

Cedric Hill has been an intriguing player at the tight end position for the Bulls. His size and speed cause big match-up problems for the defense, but Hill has been more of a hybrid type player rather then a pure tight end for USF during his first two years. He has the speed to run past any linebacker that tries to cover him, and he has the height to go over the top of a corner or safety. Hill was a bit undersized as far as weight goes, but has a 6-foot-4 frame to add mass to, and that's exactly what Hill has done this past off-season. 

You seem noticeably bigger this year, what is your weight, and have you done anything differently?
"I'm 234, Just been eating, I got my appetite from working out and eating. I'm not talking anything. I'm just eating and getting bigger. By the season I'm trying to at least go in at 235 pounds, and by my senior year I want to play at least at 240-345 for my last year."

Are you approaching things any differently this year?
"Well last year I ran a lot. I'm still running but I'm eating better, and also little healthier this year. I'm going into my junior year this season and the coach has me hitting the weights, getting stronger, get faster and everything. Now I guess I'm one of the ones that will be a go to guy. So it's time for me to step up to the plate and be a leader. So now I'm approaching everything differently and looking at things differently."

You've always been sort of a hybrid between tight end and receiver, are you trying to be more of a pure tight end now?
"Pretty much, first year and second year I was tight end/ receiver, but this year I want to be more of a tight end, like a Kellen Winslow type deal. That's what the coaches want to use me as, and that's what I'm trying to focus on. I want to be an every down tight end, and be that type of player. Then they can use me however they want to use me". 

Do you think you lost any speed gaining the extra size?
"I don't think I lost anything. I think I'll get faster and when I get to the weight I want, I'll probably end up running a 4.5 at the most. If I get invited to a combine, then a 4.5 is where I'm trying to be. If I can be at 240-245 and run a 4.5 then I'll be pretty good. "

Do you notice a physical difference when going through drills with the added weight?
"The morning drills are a piece of cake, the outside drills are tough, but they're not harder then my first two years. It's like now I feel like more of a leader because I can go through everything, stand up and keep the guys up, and I don't have to bend over, so everything I do now is a little bit easier then the first two years."

How do you like working with the new tight end coach Scott?
"Its all just fine, I like coach Scott, coach Gregory was good too, but I feel like I can relate to coach Scott. I'm glad he got the job. I was happy for him and called him to congratulate him when he got the job. I really thought he deserved it and will do a great job with it. 

What do you want to accomplish this spring?
"This spring I want to give everybody a good look. Give them all a glimpse of what the season is going to be like, give them a little taste of what I'm bringing. As a team, I just want to be better then last year. Last year we went 9-4 and won a bowl game, so this year we want to try and go to a BCS bowl and win it. It all starts with a good spring

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