Florida RB Planning On a Big Season

Running back Lemar Griffin from George W. Jenkins HS has gained some interest recently. He beat Chris Rainey in a track meet recently, and is hoping to improve his stock some more at this weeks Scout.com combine.

Lemar Griffin, a Running back/ receiver prospect from Lakeland, FL is looking to build on a solid junior season. 

"Last year I had 40 carries for 450 yards and 2 scores, and 10 catches for 210 yards. I also had 3 kick returns that I returned for touchdowns, and in the spring game I ran a return all the way down to the one." 

The 5'9 165 pound speedster from George W. Jenkins HS is also making a name for himself on the track. 

"Last Thursday, in the 100 meter I ran against Chris Rainey and won with a 10.7 on the watch, but electronically it comes out to a 10.9, and that's what I ran at districts last year also." 

Griffin had a strong showing at last years Scout combine in Boca, but says that there is a difference in the way he runs now. 

"My Technique, I came in so much faster. Now I stay low, so I'm running a much faster 40. Also Chris Rainey has been helping me improve my technique." 

On the recruiting front, Griffin has started to receive some interest lately. 

"Oregon State and Texas have been talking to me recently. I don't have any major offers yet, but I got an offer from a smaller school, Weber offered me." 

What schools make Griffin's list of early favorites? 

"Right now it would be Texas, Oklahoma State, USF, FSU, and Vanderbilt." 

Griffin has already been to several camps and plans on staying busy during the camp season. 

 "Right now I plan on going to camps with Texas, Oregon, Rutgers, and USF" 

Is the versatile athlete who ran a 22.9in the 200m and also competes in the 4x100 and the long jump, looking to run track at the next level also? 

"No, I'm concentrating on just playing football, but I'm using track to get my speed up." 

Griffin has put on 15 pounds of muscle since last year and has been training hard for the spring combines. 

"Yes sir, I got a trainer now, and in the weight room there is a tremendous difference. Last year at the combine I weighed 150 and only benched 185, now I weigh 165, and bench 240, Also, my vertical is up to 38, but I'm trying to get it up to 40."  

"Before the season starts I want to get my bench up to 300 pounds by August, and I also want to run at least a 4.4 by the end of the summer. I only ran it once but it wasn't official, I know if I get it down it will really help me."  

As to grades Griffin claims to have a 2.4 core GPA, and has taken the practice exams, but is scheduled to take his first test later this month. 

Griffin plans on going to the Scout combine in Boca this week, wants to improve on his play from last year, and has set some personal goals for himself this upcoming season. 

"My goals for this year are to return a kickoff for a score in every game. I also want to rush for a 100 yards in every game too."

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