RB Mike Ford Talks About Spring Practice

Mike Ford talks with USFNation.com about the first few days of spring practice. Ford is entering this season with high expectations. Read on to find out his thoughts on the start of spring practice, how he's progressing, and more. Only on USFNation.com, Get it First, Get it Fast!

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Are you happy with the condition that you're currently in?

"Actually I feel like I got a little slower, because I gained more weight. I'm happy with the extra weight but I just got to stretch more so I can open it up. " 

What weight would you like to be playing at this fall?

"If possible I'd like to play at 230 this fall, that's the weight I was when I got here, now I'm like 221-220, but what ever weight I'm at come the start of the season I'll be satisfied." 

You look physically different from a month ago, are you getting acclimated to everything?

"Yes sir, everything is starting to get easier for me I'm getting in shape, I just have to open it up." 

What was the hardest part of winter conditioning?

"Well it's not the waking up part, because I got used to that while at the military academy. It was probably when we first started going through the drills, they were tough, but after the first one, it was a piece of cake."

Does it help having a support group here?

"Yes  sir , actually were more then just cousins, me an Amarri are first cousins and me and Mike Jenkins are cousins, but we're more then that, we're like best friends, so we got to keep each other up But  we've been playing like this our  whole life. We actually lived together in the same house. When one of us is down, we pick them up, and when the other is down we pick him up. It's how we do it."

Are you still living with Amarri?

"No, me and Amarri were living together, but were not now, we lived together for about two months."

What do you have to do to make sure you are ready and can play this fall?

"I just got to maintain my grades and keep my grades up and stuff, also make sure I show up to meetings on time and continue practicing, make sure I get my reps in." 

What are your favorite drills so far this spring?

"Oh man, I'd probably have to say the inside drills, but as far as that tomorrow we go against the linebackers so hopefully I can do well there too. " 

During one of the inside runs you hit an offensive linemen and bulled him over, any comment on that?

"Yes sir, I did it, but I didn't do it on purpose. I kind of gave him a forearm, I didn't mean to but it was more instinct. He was like, oh it's like that Ford huh, its like that, all right, all right, I see how it is. I was like no man I didn't mean it, I was just coming through and got hit with the pad, I didn't mean to hit him in the back. Then I saw him on the ground, helped him up and we started laughing." 

Is there anything that's been harder to get used to?

"Well I know sign language and all, but as far as the hand signals and stuff, I'm still learning those. I got most of them down but still got to get the rest of them. 

You know sign language?

"Yes sir, I took sign language 1, and sign language 2 in high school. Its fun and it feels good to learn a different language. 

How did you decide on number 26?

That's a good question, everybody was asking me if I was going to get number 1, which I wore in high school, but I was like no I'm going to switch it up, the player makes the number, and this is a new year, a new team and a new me. Everybody at home was like go number 26, and I did.

Do you feel that you're running better today then yesterday?

"I feel like I am running a hell of a lot better. I tell myself to always study the plays during my free time. Then I go to sleep thinking about it. Other then that when I'm walking around campus, I'll walk around on the sidewalks and you know the cracks along the sidewalks, I'll do my L cuts right along them. Wherever I go I'll walk through the halls and practice a move, that's what I do, and it helps me. Once I get all the plays down pat, and see how everything is, I got good vision, and just get it done. I'll get better every day. 

Stay tuned with USFNation as we have a full interview with Ford during spring practice.


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