Q&A with USF Baseball Coach Lelo Prado

After winning four of its last five games, first year baseball coach Lelo Prado has led the Bulls to 16-7, 2-1 in the Big east this season. Before the Bulls head to Notre Dame this weekend, USFNation got a chance to talk with coach Prado. Read on to get his thoughts on competing in the Big East, the future of the program and more. Only on USFNation.com.


Why did you decide to Coach USF? 

 "Well, it's a great job and a great opportunity to help this program go to Omaha.  And there is so much talent in the state of Florida that I've always said that this is a great job to have.  I'm real happy.  I love the school, I love the place, and I love the weather!" 

What is your style of coaching?  What do you do to get these players to tick? 

 "Well, I mean, with this group it's tough because they've never played the way I like it to be played.  You know, tonight (Tuesday night) we threw a player out into the stands to get the fans going.  You know, that's what we have to do around here.  This is like coming to a funeral around here sometimes.  We gotta make this place hoppin' and get the students into it.  It'll catch on, but it will take some time." 

How big of an impact has Coach Tino Martinez made on these players? 

 "He's done a great job.  I believe he has played a major factor in recruiting here.  You know, when you got Tino Martinez as your hitting coach, that's pretty good.  He gives them a lot of experience.  So, he's done a great job for us so far." 

What do you think about the Big East Conference and how well you think you can compete here? 

 "Well, I think we should be on top every year.  I mean, we are the only team in the sun.  You know, if we can't be on the top, then my coaches and I aren't doing our job." 

When you look back at your tenure here, what do you want to see? 

 "A program that was built and people come every night and pack the house, and have a fun time when they leave here.  And I think we are doing that.  And this is just going to grow and get bigger.  I want this school to enjoy baseball."


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