USF '07 Spring Practice: Defensive Line Q&A

The first week of USF's spring practice is in the books, and yesterday, the Bulls had there first scrimmage and the defensive line had an impressive showing. USFNation got a chance to talk with several members of the D-line. Read this exclusive interview and see what George Selvie, Richard Clebert, and Allen Cray had to say. Only on Get it First, Get it Fast!

George Selvie

Are you getting acclimated to spring practice?
"Spring practice is going good. We got a new DL coach, and were trying to get use to his way and learn all his teaching and how he does everything, but its going good. We in that learning process right now."

Are you bigger then you were last year?
"I'm close to the same size I was last year. I was around 240, now I'm around 245, but it's a constant give and take. "

Did you make gains in the weight room from last year?
"In the weight room I'm benching 275, I've improved my strength and maintained my speed. But I'm always working on my strength. I'm not a big guy so I try to work on it and get better every day." 

What other gains did you make from last year?
"Strength wise, bench, clean, vertical jumps, all my testing was better this year. I'm trying to get it up there, and as long as I keep improving, that's all I want to."

Is there a big difference from coach McCarney compared to coach Clark last year?
"Oh yeah, it's a real big difference. It's hard to say exactly what it is. They have two different techniques in how they coach. Coach McCarney has a lot of energy and a lot to teach us. Right now we're all learning from him, and doing what he tells us to do."

What are your goals this spring?
"To listen to what coach McCarney has too say and to keep improving in every area."

Richard Clebert

You seem to be playing at a different level this spring from last year, what is the difference?
"Last year there were certain things going on in my life, and I had a whole negative attitude towards everything. Now, this is my senior year and all the guys are counting on me. Coach is expecting me to be a leader so I'm just trying to step up and show everybody out there that I'm one of the top defensive tackles in the nation. So I got to work hard in practice. 

Do you feel a difference out there with your new attitude?
"Of course, everything goes better when you got a positive attitude."

Did you make gains in the weight room during the off-season?
"Yeah, I worked hard, and made a lot of gains, right now I'm up to 310 pounds, and I like the leverage playing at this weight."

How did you like playing in the first scrimmage today?
"It felt good getting out there. I had 4 field goal blocks today. Now I just have to build off of that."

Allen Cray

How are you doing out here this spring?
"I'm doing pretty good, and I feel real good this spring. I dropped a little weight, but I'm moving good so I like that."

After a good week of practice, I heard your teammates yelling Cray for MVP, how does that make you feel?
"Just having the respect from my teammates. They respect me and understand that it's a hard position so they respect what I do for the team. So it's a honor that they think that."

Are you trying to do things differently then you did last year?
"Yes sir, I'm just trying to work hard, stay positive, and stay focused. I'm working on my number one goal, and that's putting back on the weight. I pretty much know how to play the game. I can always get better, but right now my weight is the big issue, so that's my main focus."

What are you weighing right now, and what do you want to be at by this fall? 
"I was 270, but was sick and right now I'm around 250, but I'm working on putting some of that weight back on. By this fall I want to be around 280-285 and I know I can do it."

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