Q&A with USF Hitting Coach Tino Martinez

The USF baseball team is off to an 18-8 start this season, and a big part of that is the hitting. The Bulls are batting .304 as a team, with 258 hits and 190 runs scored. USFNation got a chance to talk with hitting Coach Tino Martinez. Read on to find out why he came to USF, and making the transition from player to coach and more. Only on USFNation.com!

What do you think about the season so far?

 "It's going OK.  We're playing pretty decent.  Our record's Ok, but we have a lot of room for improvement."


Why have you decided to become a coach at USF?

 "Because I want to get back into baseball at some capacity and I'm right here in Tampa.  I don't have to travel as much as I would if I were a professional coach.  So, coach Prado asked me to be a coach and I thought it would be a great opportunity."


What do you think about Coach Prado?

 "He's a great college coach, a great motivator, and I think he's going to turn this program around."


What is your preferred style of coaching?

 "In college, you have to be aggressive.  We don't have a lot of power, so, it varies from team to team.  With this team, we have to make things happen."


How has the transition from "player" to "coach" been for you?

 "It's been great because I remember vividly what it's like to play in college and what it's like to struggle, as well as improve as a player.  So, I feel like I can tell these guys how to get better, and teach them day in and day out on how to become better players and get them prepared for the next level."


When you look back at your tenure here, what do you want to see?

  "Well, I would like to win a World Series (CWS) here.  That would be great.  Also build a big program here and build a new stadium here and get this team to Omaha."

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