USF '07 Spring Practice: Amarri Jackson Q&A

Receiver Amarri Jackson talks with during the start of spring practice. Amarri is entering this spring bigger, stronger and faster. Read on to find out what gains he made, and he did this offseason, what he feels he needs to do to be a better player and more.

Amarri Jackson


This year they have you at a different receiver position on the depth chart any reason for it?
"Actually I haven't seen the depth chart, but we have to be familiar with every route from all positions, X,Y and ,Z, sometimes H. After every meeting the next day we take a test because we have to know what every receiver's assignment is on every play. Also, we don't just run in one position, we move around. We got some stuff in the play book with different guys lining up in different positions. Guys aren't going to be assigned to just one position. We're not doing it like that anymore, so we have to get familiar with all of it

With a 75 completion pecentage, are you looking to throw the ball more this year?
"One thing about me,  I'm ready to do what ever Coach wants me to do, catch, run or if they want me to throw the ball I'll do it. As long as we win the game I'll do whatever. If I'm on the sidelines and we're winning that's all that matters"

Are you going to try and work on not throwing the ball to the one yard line like last year?
"Well we have some talented guys and I really think they can get that one yard.  Last year on one play I threw it short an Amp (Hill) made a great catch. On another play Ced (Hill) made a great catch a fell back like he was being baptized. Ced is strong as an ox, and that little guy that tackled him down up in North Carolina should have got down and thanked somebody."

What do you think of the gains Cedric has made in the off season?
"He's made some big gains this year and he's running good.  Ced Hill is an athlete, and hopefully can do some big things for us this year. We're close and I tell him all the time that he's got some talent and now he's gained the weight that the coach wanted to him to do. He's a very athletic tight end."

What are your thoughts on the teams work ethic in the weight room this year?
"Guys are in the weight room, and as a team we're motivated. Right now when we do work outs in the weight room, the adrenaline is flowing through everybody, the players, Coach Mac, and the strength coaches in general.  It's never quite in the weight room. Everybody is pumping each other up. Guys are pushing guys to get a certain weight off the rack. We look like a championship team in the weight room, and now we have to take it out on the field and put it all together."

How much size did you put on in the off season?
"Right now I'm at 207. I played at 190 last year. This is the heaviest I've ever been, but at the same time I'm running faster then I've ever ran.

Do you feel stronger with the extra weight?
Yes I feel stronger. I actually put up 285 on the bench the other day. Last year I was putting up like 245 pounds, so that's pretty good. Last year my reps with 225 were like 7 or 8, this year it's around 14. So   I'm getting up there.

Is your cousin Mike Ford getting acclimated to school and practice?
Mike is his own man, and he knows what he has to do. He knows that I'm going to help him and push him. We got another cousin Mike Jenkins, and guys like A.J. Love, all those guys from home. He knows what he has to do. He's had some obstacles, and now it should be smooth sailing.  One thing about Mike is he's never going to stop, he's not going to quit. He's full throttle now, and he's going to give you what he's got.

Are you ready to step up and be a leader of this young receiving unit?
"Yes, as an older guy in the program, they know I'm always ready to go. I always have a good joke every time we huddle up to loosen things up.

Talking about jokes, how about your Face book joke when you went on Spring break?
"I don't know why everybody got all worked up. I do it every time I go on break. I always have some joke. I didn't know people outside of my friends could see that. Even Coach Canales called me to see what was going on. Well that was my last spring break so It won't happen again."

What do you want to accomplish the rest of spring practice?
"I just want to become a better player.. My main goals are to get to know coach Canales a lot better and have a real good relationship with him. Also to get a good feel for the offense, we have some of the same routes but we call them different things. We're adding on to routes, we got new plays, and different stuff. I want to know all the positions and make sure I'm on time for everything. Make sure I finish hard with all my classes. It feels good not to here the coach call my name.  I have a lot of goals for the receiver unit. They're very young, so I'm going to try and get those guys and my self to another level. That way when I leave this program, they'll be ready to do some big things.  Message Boards - Get it First, Get it Fast!


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