USF '07 Spring Practice: Colby Erskin Q&A

This spring USF receiver Colby Erskin has shown that he has the speed and the hands to earn a spot on the roster. got a chance to talk with the sophomore receiver after practice. Read on to find out what he does to improve his game, what he thinks of coach Canales, what he want's to accomplish this spring, and more. Only on Get it First Get it fast!

Colby Erskin

How is this spring going for you?
"It's going good, its going good for everyone. Everyone is out here working hard."

Are you getting more reps at receiver this year?
"I've gotten more than last year. I go with both the ones and two's this year. Yeah it's more than last year."

Are you getting acclimated to working with Coach Canales?
"Yeah all the receivers like Coach Canales. He's a great coach".

Are there any big differences from Coach Dawsey?
"He's more vocal. I would say that is the biggest difference."

We've been seeing you catch almost everything thrown you're way, what do you attribute that to?
"I've been working really hard. I work a lot with Grant Gregory. He'll stay at my house on the weekends and we'll go throw, or we'll throw after practice. We get a long real well. He came and stayed at my place over spring break, and we threw and lifted every day."

What are you weighing right now?
"Right now I'm at 185. Last season I played at about 183." What are you trying to accomplish this spring?
"I want to start at kick returner, punt returner and receiver. I just want to start anywhere they got me on the depth chart."

Is there anything you are working on this spring?
"No drops. I want to catch everything. If you can't catch you can't be a receiver."  Message Boards - Get it First, Get it Fast!


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