USF '07 Spring Practice: Carlton Mitchell Q&A

USF freshmen Carlton Mitchell has size and speed, and the Bulls are expecting big things from the receiver this year. Read on to find out how it's been juggling track and football at the same time, what gains he made in the off-season, and what his main goals are this spring. Only on Get it First Get it fast!

Carlton Mitchell Profile

How has spring practice been for you this year?
"Coming from track practice everyday has been a little hard at first, but I got this certain drive and I'm getting through it. I'm kind of mad that I miss a lot, but it's better than not coming in at all."

Have you put on strength or weight on since last year?
"I came in at 187, then I weighed in at 206. Now I'm at about 200 from all the running. I've also got stronger. I don't know what I bench right now, when I got here I couldn't put up 200 pounds. During the season I benched 250. "

Has your speed improved?
"We were just timed in 40's the other day. I had a 4.28 in the hand timed run. I don't know what it would be with the laser, but I feel like I'm faster than last year."

Are you getting used to working with Coach Canales?
"Yeah he's a great coach. I like him a lot. He knows a lot, he's already taught me so much in the short time he's been here."

What are your main goals for this spring?
"I'm trying to prove myself to the team. I want to start and if that doesn't happen I want to see the field a lot. I'm working on my run blocking and pass routes."  Message Boards - Get it First, Get it Fast!


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