USF '07 Spring Practice: Mike Ford Q&A

One of the hottest topics this spring is USF running back Mike Ford. got a chance to talk with the freshmen phenom about the first two weeks of spring practice. Read on to find out how his first scrimmage went, how he's progressing, and what his goals are for the spring. Only on, Get it First, Get it Fast!

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What was it like to get your first reps in a scrimmage for USF?
"It was all right, I made a couple of mistakes and stuff, but they are things that I can fix. Other then that, It was good to get the work in. As far as everything else it was pretty good."

Was this your first full contact scrimmage in a while?
"Yeah it was for everybody, but especially for me, because I sat out last semester, and haven't really played since the military academy."

How do gauge your progress from when you started spring ball two weeks ago?
"One thing is I'm running better. Not where I want to be or need to be, but we got a lot of practice still to go, but you got to keep your legs fresh and stuff, because all the backs are good. Nobody is a filler here, everybody is good. Other that you just got to keep stretching and stuff, and just wait your turn and see what happens."

What is the biggest difference in your running?
"Since I've been here, I think the biggest difference is that I hit the hole better. Also I lower my shoulder with more ease now. When I first got here, I had work to, and had to get back right. Now, I'm getting used to being physical again, and now I feel I can lower my shoulder and hit the hole."

Are you starting to get more acclimated to the way the team practices?
"Yes sir, I'm starting to get my legs under me, and I'm also starting to get more familiar with the schemes."

What's the biggest change in your overall game?
"The biggest change is I'm starting to read blocks better, pass blocking, and picking up blocks. When I first got out here I was getting all confused, and coach had to tell me this and tell me that, and I would just say yes sir and listen, and try not to do it again. He still tells me sometimes, but not as much."

Are you starting to gain you confidence back?
"Yes sir, sometimes I felt I was tentative, but now I feel it's coming back."

What has been helping you the most out there?

"The players have been really helping me. They're always talking to me and pumping me up. Saying come on lets go Ford, your built Ford tough, your F-250, you can run like a truck lets go. It kind of motivates me to get back as quick as I can."

How is it playing out there with your cousins Amarri Jackson and Mike Jenkins?

"I love it. It's just like back in high school, I just love it. We stay on each other. If I make a mistake, they tell me what's up, and if they make one I tell them the same."

What part of the game is coming the easiest for you out there?

"I'd say sitting seven yards back in the backfield. I feel more comfortable in that formation, because that's what we ran in the military academy, and also in high school. I'm still getting used to the shot gun and sitting five yards back."

What are you finding the hardest thing to get used to?

"Sitting five yards back and being in the shotgun. I'm so tall that I got to kind of wait and on the plays, or wait on certain people to pull and stuff. I'm trying to cut it up, or cut off the dude that is pulling, like right off his butt. It's taking me a little bit, but I'll get it."

What do you want to accomplish over the last two weeks of spring?
"I want to surprise everybody, and finish with a bang, show them the real Mike Ford."  Message Boards - Get it First, Get it Fast!


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