USF Spring Practice Photo Gallery: Family Day

The Bulls held their first scrimmage this weekend with their families watching from the sidelines. Afterwards everyone attended the annual spring BBQ, and USFN was there to capture all of it. Enjoy this FREE photo gallery from the event. Only on

Ben Moffitt & Tyrone McKenzie

Jerome Murphy & Trae Williams

Matt Grothe

Chris Robinson & George Selvie

Jarriet Buie & Danny Verpaele

Coach Gregory & Grant Gregory

Matt Grothe

Mike Jenkins & Richard Clebert

Jessie Hester Jr.

Dylan Douglas & Marvin Peoples
Zach Hermann

Jarriet Buie

Woddy George & family

Taurus Johnson

Mike Ford

Tyrone McKenzie

Julian Riley

Danny Verpaele

Walk-ons Kenneth Luberice & Micah Morgan

Future Bull Chaz Hine

Future Bullls thomas Edenfield & Charlton Sinclair

Future Bull Josh Bellamy & teammate Preston Pace

Former Bull Clenton Crossley

Josh Soto, Mike Ford, T.J. Nater Allen, Colby Erskin

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